DM: Waylander the everpatient

Date: 09/02/2021

Players: Arden (Katla 6), Konopa (Gau 8), Kiwi (Jyn 8), Le Count (Dakka Doon 6), Revy (Laucian 6), Tootired78 (Barry 6)

I, Katla Gyrdottir, as well as several others set out to assist a cleric of the forge, Jyn, in her mission to help the owl people of Owlysium. We set out to teleport to the UIF portal, a first for me. Given how thoroughly unpleasant the experience was I do not regret my choice to avoid it till now.

Picture of our journey

The area we ended up in, heavily forested and foggy, reminded me of lands further north closer to my homeland. It was a somewhat somber experience since I will likely never return and this would be the closest I would experience. My unfounded emotions aside, travel was lengthy due to ground cover but not overly difficult. We crossed the river and fought some large animate plants that utilized nearby corpses by consuming them.

A so called corpse flower

The owl people arrived at the latter part of the fight and finished the plants off very adeptly. The group was lead by Bo Marris and flew us to their city, Owlysium. Bo speaks to us and tells us of several problems the owl people. Marsher Atrica, head priestess of owl people has been kidnapped by drow for nearly a century (this being the situation I have found a previous document about and a map.)

The possible map

The Owls are also experiencing a conflict with the nearby dwarves. They informed us that they used to be friendly with them but something changed. They described a situation where a dwarf had been killed and a brain had emerged. This matched the information I knew about a vile creature known as an intellect devourer that can consume ones brain and seize control of ones body. They do this by a direct confrontation of intellect, where they can obliterate ones intelligence leaving the person vulnerable to having their brain controlled. If we want to deal with this problem then we would need to take proper precautions. We will need to be very careful with who we take, those of lesser intellect are easily controlled. I myself , from a purely objective perspective, am extremely intelligent and I even am not confident that I would be immune to its effects. Extreme care must be taken. I admit that I lost track of the conversation after this. My mind was occupied by other matters.

We had a comfortable nights sleep and set out the next morning to be escorted to the village of Bridlon so we could be introduced to them by the owl people. The elders name is Verisi. We continued to explore nearby areas, finding a bridge that crossed the river. We came across a village called Fish Silk Village and met a human woman called Gertrude. She mentioned that the spider people had recently taken an offering of fish from there. She also asked if we could look for a recently escaped horse. We agreed and set out. We found the horse’s body, lacerated severely. We were accosted by some freakishly legged spiders. We fought them off and were able to safely travel back to Port Mirandia.