Amber (Cleric 4) [Nick @NdBvDn]
Ander (Paladin 3) [@Waylander322]
Gray (Rogue 3) [@Lone_Courier]
Nuemu (Bloodhunter 3) [@Nartzim]
Marcus (Cleric 4) [@Genthro1]
Blue-Star (Monk 2) [@Blue Star]

Day 1:
We are heading out of Port Mirandia traveling down the road towards a forest that we are willing to investigate further. The sky is clear and the temperature freezing. While leaving the city we see lots of construction going on. The group travels silently with its party members lost in thought until we see some guards 3 hours worth of travel on the road. Apparently there were some bandits that came out of the river area lately but they seem to be doing fine.
As we are continuing walking on the road Gray manages to spot something off the path. Some 500 feet to the eastern forest he thinks to see a large collection of bones. Curiously we move close to have a better look at it. After looking around the area we are sure that something seems to be eating and dumbing bones here. As this is pretty close to the road this might be on purpose. 
An investigation of the bones reveals that these bones belong to large animals (some of them elephant or similar bones). The bones have been put close to the road – maybe 700 ft. The forest at this point is still an hour walk away. The terrain has many hills so potentially a large creature could hide in this area.



An investigation of the bones reveals that these bones belong to large animals (some of them elephant or similar bones). The bones have been put close to the road – maybe 700 ft. The forest at this point is still an hour walk away. The terrain has many hills so potentially a large creature could hide in this area. Instead we decide to move further along the road. The sun begins to set and we start looking for a campsite. We find a bit of a hill in the terrain that we could use to block wind an some vision. While Amber and Blue-Star are going hunting, Ander collects some wood for making a fire. The hunting is successful and everybody gets enough food out of it. Amber starts cooking the food and does a fine enough job. We set our watch order for the night. While doing that we see some lights in the distance. Possibly some torches.
The first watch is mostly uneventful, the lights are moving around the same point during the first watch. The second watch is also quiet. Third watch is a small conversation between Blue and Ander and the nightwatch is ueventful besides that. The last watch sees a possibly religous group on the road. Besides that the night ends peacefully.


Day 2:
The next day is brings a strong wind and the temperature drops a bit compared to the previous day. We begin our journey further on the road and we see a group of humanoids who seem to be debating with a taller creature near the bridge. The large creature has a green skin and some hair over its body here and there. It seems to be discussing and debating the group in basic words and seems to be demanding coins and tribute for passing the bridge. Our first idea is that this creature is a troll but it is an ogre instead. Numue tries to offer a ration as tribute to the ogre. As it appears to be that the ogre tries to eat the arm of Numue we move to his rescue and face the ogre in melee. The ogre surprises us by swinging his flail in circles around his body, but is defeated nonetheless. 

After the fight the group of priests thank us for taking care of the ogre. Their leader offers us to convert to his faith which appears to be a weird one.  None of the group seems to be interested in converting to a different deity. However Numue attempts to receive some sort of wine or reward from the priest and his offered a small vial with a hint of red liquid inside. Whatever in Torm’s name convinced Numue that drinking that liquid might be a good idea got the better of him and we rush to Numue as he collapses on the ground.  Instead of this freeing us from the priests it instead catches their interest and they want to stay instead and wait for Numue to wake up. Well at least if he wakes up again at all.
The priests bring Numue to the other side of the river and prepare a camp there surrounding him. The party tries to surveil the situation and Marcus stays close to him making sure that he still has life signs to him.
As this situation catches us a bit off guard we decide to sit it out instead and make sure to do everything we can to ensure Numue’s safety.
Asking around I heard that Numue wrote about what happened in this dream himself so I will let him tell the story. Just ask him about  Aspistés and I highly doubt he won’t know what you are asking about.  However after he told us about it the priests decide to finally leave. Numue appears to be very weak and barely can walk on his own so we decide to camp here for the night.


Day 3-5:
At the beginning of the next day Numue is still weak and the temperature is so cold that it bites even through our thick clothes made for this kind of weather. We argue about what to do but it appears to us that there is a severe snow storm coming in and we should move to a safe spot. As we don’t want to leave him behind someone offers a horse for him to ride on and we decide to head back on the way we came here.
Back on the road we find some sort of Mausoleum. As we enter it we step on bones as this place appears to be raided not long ago. All the tomb stones are moved and the peaceful rest of these souls disturbed. We gather what we can and put everything back to where it belongs. As our horses, which we brought 2 of with us, don’t fit in this spot with us we decide to head to a different place. However we notice that the lock on the Mausoleums entrance is broken. If someone would be so kind to go there and put a new lock back at this place it would be much appreciated. The names on the wall aere Terramolder, Thitiedd , Rosine , Krigyra, Xalin, Nymyra, Alufi. The last two of them appear to be children and all of them are gnomes.

We find a cave nearby soon after and right before the snow storm comes in and coats the landscape in white. However we find a large cave with a massive owlbear inside. Luckily Marcus has the right idea and decides to make friends with the owlbear and feeds him some rations. I am no expert when it comes to animal handling but I am sure it could have been much worse. 
We spend two nights in this cave while we have a careful eye on the owlbear. However as it got fed well it appears to be ok with our presence here and we are able to leave the cave as the storm fades away. 

After an interesting adventure and unfortunately no further scouted area we manage to reach the safety of Port Mirandia.