DM: Waylander February 8, 2022

The Group
Swoosh 5
Kirnis 7
Glanfath 9
Nalkris 9
Dakka Doon 9
GarGot 9

We set out with the goal to put the last miles of the road down, protecting the brave frontier workers
and keeping a general eye on the area.

-Finished the road to the planned site of Honor’s Gate
-Orcish Activity around the Outposts to the far south.
-Contact with orcish warriors on dire wolf demanding tribute for the road being built
-While in process of building the Road we got Attacked by a hoard of Ghouls, monstrosity and orcs

GarGots Trevalers Dairy
Group Start at Ruined Oak, take portal to go to other side and arrive at White Moon Cove. GarGot thinks pretty city, city GarGot never see before. Group make good nap at White Moon Cove.

Next day very snowy, group hard time walking with many workers. Group make travel from Outpost to Outpost. Find small skirmish site on road. There was creature, creature ambush people on Road. Creature burry in ground. Between outpost 2 and 3 from White Moon cove. GarGot made drawing of map.

Lots snow next days. Very slow moving. Group move from outpost to outpost.

At outpost very far south, scout sees Orc. Orc follow group on Wolf for long time. Next morning Wolf come close. Group give shiney stone for Orc not be angry about road. Orc take many shiney stone and leave. GarGot think to remember group promised to send Bugbeardelegation from AFK once road finished. GarGot not sure what Bugbeardelegation is but sound very Important.

After few day worker make good road. Very nice road. GarGot think best road has seen. GarGot think Orc and Ghoul and monstrosity don’t think so. So don’t like road want to make road away. Attack road. Group think not good so group attack back. Very big battle, many people hurt. A big Ape smash people, Dire Wolf take bite at Worker.

Glenfath rush into battle. Glenfath big warrior, take many many blows. Battle close but in end Group win battle against Orc and ghoul and thing.

Worker finish road and group take dip in Ocean. Nice weather for swim. As group is finished take the worker back to White Moon Cove. Make Day travel from Outpost to outpost. GarGot think outpost really upped prices lately because lots of gold payed.

On way back weather gets calm. GarGot think he see Bird return from south. Mission end and group get drunk in tavern.