Session TL:DR: Hired by Urag the Orc to retrieve a brewing recipe stolen by kobolds. The bigger smarter kobolds escaped with the recipe. Adventuring tip : The areas around our towns have dangerous creatures wandering around.

Session Title: Hunt Lower
Session Date: 13 April 2021 @ 23:00 UTC
“Leader” Barry (Cleric 1, FIghter 1)
Bloom (Barbarian 1, Druid 3)
Christiana Perkins (Scholar 2)
“Cartographer”, “Trailblazer” and “Little One” Jerime Crawford (Scholar 2)
“Scout” Peren (Barbarian 1, Druid 2)
Stonks (Barbarian 1) -> Stonks Jr. (Barbarian 1)

Barry be back from first adventure on island. Barry was natural leader of group. Barry met orc named Urag in Ruined Oak. Urag hired Barry and group to go to bootleg brewery to retrieve stolen brewing recipe. Little One set our path in a circle and we find ourselves at town again. Next go we make to bridge south of town before night. Little One finds food and Druid Peren cooks food. It was okay. Then Barry sleep.

Barry woke by Little One screaming. Barry see nothing, too dark. Barry watch others run and shoot in direction. Barry ask Tempus for light. Barry then see big stone with big sword. Battle happens. Druid Bloom makes stone glow, easy to hit. Bird Stonks grapples it into fire. Barry can’t throw so Barry bash. Barry ask Tempus to help bash, and bash, and bash. Barry arm tired of bashing. Barry think it die but not know for sure but Bird Stonks for sure dead. Then Barry sleep

Barry wake up to Druid Peren cooking breakfast. It was okay. Group follow Barry northwest along lake edge to where Urag want to go. We find old brewery. It dark inside. Barry ask Tempus again for light. Christiana Perkins and Urag go forward. She starts talking to somebody Barry can’t see. Next Barry know, they shout “trying to run away” so we attack. We chase kobolds around building but they know better and Barry thinks they can see in the dark.

Barry find out later that bigger kobolds used little kobolds for safety and to slow us down, those cowards!. We did not find recipe in brewery. In perhaps the greatest crime the kobolds broke ale casks and it went on floor. All ale is precious, this sadden greatly Barry. We did find new bird, Stonks Jr. captured by kobolds. Urag was sad we failed and left us saying he planned to wait, expecting them to return to make more ale.

Barry and group follow trail back to road. At nighttime Druid Peren cooked marvelous supper, truly a feast. Barry then sleep, wake for watch, then sleep again. In morning we move back to road and Little One does not get lost today so we make back to town. Barry write this then Barry go find ale.