Players: Dakka Doon, Kirnis, Nog, Wheeze (with Breathless)

DM: Calm

A nice man wanted us to go up into the mountains to find a beautiful golden rose for the newly constructed botanical gardens.  We were not sure where to go, so a kind lady named Rina was willing to guide us to the Rushing Waters Monastery.  The clothing and buildings looked a little funny at the monastery but they were as kind as Rina and gave us a locations to find a golden rose.  Apparently their guardian Ki-Rin Chunjin protected a bush of golden roses up in the mountains somewhere.  We left in the morning and Rina stayed to guide us on our way.

To get to the mountains we needed to cross through the supposedly dangerous Briarwall Forest, but it just looked beautiful to me!  I have never seen so many trees before!!!  We apparently had to go to the city of Ashilin first to obtain something called a Amulet of Ranking Taxonomy as none of us from Ruined Oak had one besides our guide.  At the gates it took no time for the others to be assigns rankings but they looked at me with confusion for some reason.   Apparently they never saw a Sikahla before!  They took me to a fancy building for some tests.   At first they poked and prodded my cloth vessel but then they stared giving me games and snacks!  After a few hours they said the tests where done and gave me my first gift, an Amulet of Ranking Taxonomy at Rank 3!  They said I got such a good rank as I was cute!!!

After that we left for the mountains without any issues.  While in the mountains we met an adorable mountain dog who we decided to follow.  In a clearing the dog sat down and Ki-Rin Chunjin descended from the sky.  The shiny sky beast said they we could have some of his golden roses if we passed a trial.  That sounded fun so we agreed!  That was when that adorable mountain dog turned into a scary mountain dog, a flying serpent appeared, and Ki-Rin Chunjin themselves came down to attack us.  The fight was super fun and scary at the same time!!!  All of the smaller creatures ganged up on Breathless but I keep my protector strong!  Also two of the others got VERRRRYYYY BIG and attacked Ki-Rin Chunjin!

After some time we won!!! Ki-Rin Chunjin said they were still a bit weak from being sealed for centuries but kept to their word and gave us clippings of the golden rose!  After awarding the rose, it said that it was time for them to move on and that they will be traveling to Speckhome Glade.  By the mountains south west of Port Mirandia.  As it flew off as we also left the mountain clearing.  On the way back to Ruined Oak we stopped by the monastery again and those funny dressed monks said that they would be leaving immediately to join Ki-Rin Chunjin at the glade.  Back in town that kindly botanical gardener enthusiastically took the flower but before we could separate the foreman ran up and asked if we hand time to build an outpost.  Not having any plans, we agreed. 

We went through the portal with some super buff workers to a super chilly place the others called the ZHT Portal, where the workers started to build the outpost.  Some angry bugbears came by partway through the first day and attacked us for silly reasons.  We dealt with them but I felt bad, so I brought them back to be forever friends!!!  The others seemed to not like that too much for some reason.  The next day some naughty hell hounds lead by a Shoosuva charged into the construction site!  Some workers almost got hurt but we dealt with them before anything could be done.

Sometime during the night a man named Branjon Starker stumbled into camp asking for help.  Apparently an ice undead attacked his group!  We gave him our protection.  How could we not?! Soon after daybreak that icy undead being and their creatures attacked.  Two of them were massive!!!  This all disrupted the quality time I was spending with my new friends so I walked up to that icy undead figure and punched them, stunning them to the ground before they could do much harm.  At that point the others got big again and dealt with the others in no time.  It was only then that we all gathered up and finished off that icy figure.  Not long after a relief party came for Branjon Starker who thanked us greatly before leaving!  Soon after the workers were finished with their outpost and we returned to Ruined Oak.

To my surprise I was given gold for these tasks, I thought we were all doing it just for fun!  Isn’t this island simply great!!!

– Wheeze and Breathless