Party: Lyn, Free, Slissezh, Killian, Norva (temp), Gulu.
DM: Calmseeker.

We had the opportunity to go on a wonderful trip outside the city, and to protect our wonderful workers as they continue building the Plains Pass road.

The road that was built (in blue)

The first two days were quiet and pleasant. The only unusual thing that happened is that we saw a huge dinosaur. But in this case, we were the unusual occurrence, of course, since that dinosaur is a wonderful creation of nature.

Right after starting building the road, we discovered a temple for Lathander and met a nice priest called Medros. When asked about threats in the area, he mentioned that the gnolls scattered and retreated north, that a band of ogres pillaged a town in the area, and that there are poisonous plants in the Neathy Woods. The story about raiding ogres was supported by a nice woman named Bethanna, who encountered them as well.

On the next day a group of humans offered us succubi bath water. For some reason, they were not interested in buying Free’s bath water.

On the same day we encountered a group of ogres and half-ogres, that were accompanied by a dwarf and a 2-headed giant. They were bullying an aasimar. Following the warnings we’ve heard the day before, we fought them heroically. The aasimar’s name was Leopod, who is a ranger in the area.

Two-Headed Giant

We also found beautiful kiwis in this area. A wonderful creation of nature, that will grow your fingernails longer and will turn them dark yellow. Magnificent.

The weirdest thing happened on the next day. In a large tower, we saw a weird gathering, which people claimed was a party. I’m not sure what kind of party that is, since there was no lake or a spring anywhere in the area. But anyways, they claimed it was a birthday party, and the guests were all paid actors. One of these actors was an aasimar named Valjean. The birthday party was for a person named Javer. In addition to pretending to be his friends, the actors were tasked to bring food, blood or magic to Javer’s patron. Since it included a nice payment, some of the party members, which I won’t reveal their names, agreed to the deal. And of course, I had to join them and protect them, just in case. We had to bring food to the creature in the basement, and tell him one secret or a fact about ourselves. I will not share my allies’ secrets, but the whole experience felt highly unnatural.

Valjean, Javer, and Javer’s Patron called the Pale Horror.

On the same day we discovered a half-eaten corpse of a lizardfolk, that was bitten to death by a huge beast. Shortly after, we discovered eight dead bugbears and a dead dinosaur, which likely killed each other. It was quite sad to watch.

The second weirdest thing in this journey happened on the next day. Once again, it was mostly our fault and responsibility, as we tried to disturb the beautiful nature by eating a wonderful yellow-green apple. And it attacked us, and swallowed Killian.
I am not proud with what happened next. But let’s just say that the apple and its many apple-children, stopped attacking us.

The Apple and its apple-children, that we don’t talk about.

With that, our mission has ended, and we headed back to White Moon Cove. On our way back we discovered an alter dedicated to Aldath, the goddess of peace. The rest of our journey was peaceful, and all in all it was a wonderful vacation in the wilderness. But we don’t talk about the apples.