DM: Calmseeker 10/13/2021

Players: Nog 8, Coral 7, Gau 9, Katla 8, Barry 8, Cavendish 8

.Nog finds Nogself going on another road building  trip with some old friends and some new friends. This time Nog go closer to part of the island Nog remembers better working on road to Jub Jubs. Trip to road pretty unremarkable, find ruined butcher shop and probably the owner later on, hung. We find another random well. This time magic people say it has abjuration magic, which everybody knows means pudding! So obviously Nog drink some pudding water! Nog thinks magic people not know what they talk about. Definitely not pudding. Only letters that planar travel bad.

When party get to place where road work starting a Monk is spotted running from a pack of bad dogs gnolls Nog manage to get attention of some and with Noggish ferocity strike down two foes quickly! But other gnolls stay out of Nog’s reach, stupid gnolls…..

 Monk, called Shoto, say he from Monastery of the Rushing Stream and that he was scouting area to see if gnolls were pulling back into normal lands. Shoto travel with group since road goes past monastery anyway. Next day we find some wild peppers, not very tasty. Kinda bitter, bit of spicy as afterthought. Closer inspection of pepper reveals interesting patterns which Nog gets on skin and fur after Nog eat one. Party also find Tobaggins again, tied up and sleeping. Tobaggins say he was making bet with merfolk person in a tavern in Trader’s Bay. Nog think Tobaggins have gambling problem. Party send Tobaggins on his way with some of the funny peppers, although they also make Tobaggins hair fall out as well. Nog glad that not happen again, Furless bugbear not a pleasant sight.

Later in the day work party come across a house and heard a scream! Nog run into investigate with friends. Friend Katla find crazy dwarf man feeding a lady to big jello cube and manage to rescue her before Nog and Katla had to start fighting! What Nog not notice right away was in other room the furniture began to start eating other friends! First chair start chewing on friend Gau. Then table start chewing on friends Gamma and Cavendish. Then stove also start chewing on friend Gau. Nog knows in future to check furniture for teeth. Nog unfortunately got eaten again, this time by a dessert. But friend Barry poke it with dart and it explode. Minor fur singe. Lady was a little beat up, but alive. Called Menina. Say she was kidnapped on her way to go visit the Jub Jubs. Menina travel with group rest of the way. 

On way back group stop at Monastery of Rushing Stream to help with interrogation of captured kobold. Group learns that there are a number of small outposts surrounding White Moon Cove, with a much larger one centered one the old Black Footpad Inn. Also there is something being built to defend against seabound infiltration, sounded unfinished.