DM: Calmseeker Time 09/07/2021

Katla (Arden), Dakka Doon (Le Count), Shrieker (krforget93), Nog (Trulhammaren), Jyn (Kiwi), Gau (Konopa)

I, Katla Gyrdottir, as well as several others set out to help Hanar, a dwarven blacksmith out of Port Mirandia. He requested we retrieve 2 items, the first being around 20 pounds of Endurin oak sticks of at least 10 centimeters in width. The second was a special anvil which belonged to a dwarf named Orin hence its name Orin’s Anvil. My companions on this journey were Dakka Doon, a goblin who is an expert in giant runes, Jyn, a dwarf cleric of the forge, Shrieker, a kenku ranger with a dinosaur companion, Gau, a transforming druid, and finally Nog, a bugbear fighter.

We headed out west towards the hills across the river. It took over a day to make the journey but we eventually reached a cave system. We headed in and after some exploration came across a large cavern with a large giant working an anvil. Dakka Doon did most of the talking in giant so I was not part of the conversation. I did learn that Apnar was the name of the fire giant smith.

Apparently he was friends with the dwarves that used to live there until they disappeared many years ago. As a matter of fact he had Orin’s Anvil nearby since he was a friend of Orin. He agreed to give us the anvil since he thought it should be used rather than collect dust, however he wanted us to handle a problem for him first. A land dragon was nearby and causing issues for him though it may have been due less to it causing him problems and more that there is an ancient rivalry between dragons and giants. Regardless we set out to kill this creature and return proof of it to Apnar.

Apnar had told us that it was very ill tempered, possibly due to it being unable to fly. We traveled south and came to its cave. We had learned that the dragon possibly had association with fiends. We enter the cave but attract its attention and its hostility. There were two nature spirits there as well and some sort of otherworldly bug creature I recognized from my studies of aberrant creatures as a yugoloth known as a mezzaloth. The Dragon quickly leapt over towards us and attacked. It quickly bit at me, only my adamantine chain mail protecting me extreme harm. This creature’s size was larger than any I had run across so I did not expect what happened next. It swallowed me whole sending me into crushing darkness.

Midogir the land dragon

I struck out as best I could but my movement was heavily restricted. I used my telekinetic powers to prevent me from being suffocated by the dragon’s stomach acid but it did little to prevent the acid from burning between my chain mail. Shortly afterwards I noticed another person joining me in the stomach. Due to my psychic awareness I was able to tell that it was Nog. What followed was the most physically brutal and punishing half minute of my life. I am of the firm belief that me and Nog would have perished if it was not for Jyn’s stalwart presence combating the dragon, healing me and Nog while in the stomach. I was told afterwards that Shrieker was the main contributor in killing the dragon, of which I am extremely grateful, but I just do not have the first hand experience witnessing it as I witnessed Jyn’s magic upon myself. Once the dragon was slain it vomited us out in its death throes, both of us still awake and aware miraculously. I hauled myself to my feet and leapt over to the larger nature spirit and attacked it.

Unbeknownst to me there was another enemy present, a yugoloth that could turn invisible and fire magical bolts from a brass crossbow, I believe that it was called an Orthon. It revealed itself briefly to fire at Jyn before hiding itself again. As I am uniquely suited to fighting invisible enemies due to my my psychic sense I broke off fighting the large nature spirit and bolted over to the invisible enemy. I engaged it in melee, forcing it to abandon its crossbow for a few moments. It drew out a brass knife and struck with me it. It was coated in some sort of infernal poison that was not quite disabling but it was extremely painful. He managed to retrieve his bow and fire off a magical bolt that burst in a flash of light that blinded me. I stumbled to the side to try and recover myself when Jyn approached and cured the infernal poison in my veins. This allowed my to get back into the fight, landing a critical strike on one of its pressure points, leaving it paralyzed. Noticing its time was short, the creature surged with energy and exploded. In my injured state I could not take the explosion and was knocked out. When I came to I tasted the familiar taste of one of Gau’s magical goodberries. After my companions helped me stand, Gau started talking to the smaller nature spirit, called a wood woad I think. Apparently it had been pressed into service by the dragon and was pleased to be free. It started leading Gau off, uncomfortable with him going by himself the rest of us joined them. It lead us to a grove of Endurin Oaks. We were easily able to acquire the wood pieces for Hanar to turn into charcoal. The woad gave Gau a seed that he could use to plant an Endurin oak.

We took a hand and horn of the dragon back to Apnar, satisfying his request. We loaded the anvil on Shriekers dinosaur and headed back to town. We also met some strange blue Kobold on the road that muttered to himself. We safely returned to Port Mirandia and delivered the goods to Hanar.