DM: Geokhan

Players: Nalkris, Jub, Don, Marcus Wellspring, Zugall

Date: Feb 27, 2021

Jub promised to write this for friend Nalkris.  Jub not best writer but Jub will do best.

Walking west for a day from the town by the sea we reached another town.  Small town.  A gruff town.  But gruff gruff’s nice!  Gave Jub food and shelter.

Walk for half a day into pointy mountains was a creepy land.  Undead.  Cant miss. Very evil.  Not much else for day and a half.  Just wilds and that Jub can handle with Jub’s pot hat soup.  But very cold.  No plants for Jub to grow. 

But that night all went wrong.  Attacked in the night.   A spider centaur.  Something with wings and three heads.  Something tunneling under the ground.  Giants of Ice.  Spells out of the darkness. And Mesholfinus, the Lord of the Mountains, who countered Jubs spells and dealt great magic.  We could not stand.  Jub looked back from protecting the rear and only Marcus still stood.  Jub could fight no longer.  We surrendered. 

Jub and Marcus made deal Lord of the Mountains.  He allowed the others to be healed and wanted us to leave, but wanted a life in payment.  Jub offered Jub.  Jub very good cook and thought Jub could become friend with the Lord of the Mountains.  But party said no and Nalkris volunteered instead.  Lord of the Mountains said we could save Nalkris if we did hard task.  Defeat the undead within mountains. Afterwards to go to some shrine.  Close to undead. Exact directions not given.

Jub hopes friend Nalkris can be saved soon.