Adventures in Worker Sitting

Session TL:DR: Our group successfully built 3 hexes of the road going NW of Port Mirandia with no major injuries. All workers safely returned. Highlights included Shrieker becoming a Dragonslayer twice over, and Honkers the Goose intimidating a Tyrannosaurus Rex away from the workers. Adventuring Tip : Magical Cold Damage can help reduce some Magical Aging.

Session Title: Seeking the Horizon
Session Date: 08 APR 2021 @ 00;30
“Leader”, “Trailblazer, and “Cartographer,” Bardy (Bard 8, Cleric 1) with Honkers (Goose 6)
Horace Skyhammer (Sorcerer 5, Cleric 1)
Gargot (Druid 4, Barbarian 1)
Griters (Wizard 8)
Marcus Wellspring (Cleric 8)
Olivia (Rogue 4, Wizard 1)
“Scout” Shrieker (Ranger 5, Rogue 3)

I am thoroughly exhausted from rushing back to Port Mirandia as I write this but my memory won’t get any better waiting so I will try to memorialize this to the best of my ability. ~ Bardy

Our group was formed to protect the workers who had been tasked with furthering the road being built to the northwest of Port Mirandia. (I believe this is the same road that recently had a catastrophic loss.) The first day we spent travelling the completed parts of the road, reaching the end near duskfall. The night was peaceful.

The next day, the workers began their efforts. The day passed, we found a massive plum with smaller plums. As the time went on we noticed a group of people digging rather near us. Upon approach they asked us if we were there to steal their treasure (we were not, however Magical Investigator Olivia was probably not the best person to be interrogating them as after a few sentences from her they attacked us. This combat, luck clearly favoured the bandits but eventually they were killed). Seeing as we had killed them defending ourselves, we decided to look for their treasure, which was merely a trapped chest with some trinkets and coin.

Later on this day, Shrieker found a button that aged him, as it released magic from that Wizard Roshutto (of the Night’s Court I believe), who is enchanting objects that will age people. Having met him and remembering his advice we applied magical cold to Shrieker, which helped alleviate some of the aging. The day then continued uneventfully, as did the nights rest.

During the next day as the workers continued progress on the road, we came upon a burned cottage. Shrieker investigated and found nothing of note, but in the progress triggered a glyph that exploded (hopefully he learned a lesson about glyphs here and to maybe ask the more magically inclined to check them). He had minor injuries but the cottage was further damaged.

As this day continued, we came upon a naked man with scratches all over him. He gave us a name and refused Marcus’ efforts to make sure he had no Were-curse and quickly turned hostile as people realized he had been lying about nearly everything he said. He transformed into a Were-Tiger but was quickly dispatched, (interesting note here, apparently some werecreatures carry coins in their stomachs which makes sense when you ponder it. Losing all your apparel would leave you coinless when you come to your senses.)

The day continued without further incident as did the night. (All the nights so far, I slept peacefully, if something happened I do not know). On the next day, while progressing the road, Shrieker saw two differing groups of dragons, each a wyrmling and an older. One set were Blue Dragons while the other were White Dragons. These dragons were arguing over territory until they noticed us and the workers and decided to work together to feast upon the party.

We managed to keep the dragons far enough away from the workers that their dragon breath could not reach them. Everyone was putting in good work, but Shrieker was shooting arrows from his magic bow with such a visible effect on the dragons. (I believe he killed both the older dragons.) The day continued without further incident.

As we slept that night, at some point I was woken by someone (I was sleeping, I do not recall who) saying they had seen a shadow. Olivia’s Dancing Lights revealed it to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, close to the party and workers, and getting closer. (this is not a good way to wake up.) It charged us and attacked, so we fought back using magic to move it away from the workers. (my stupid brave goose was capable of staring down this fearsome beast and was the better… while I am proud of him, I fear for what the beast saw in Honkers). We managed to keep the beast far enough away that it could never quite hit us as we used whatever ranged attacks we had to fell the beast.

The rest of that night finished uneventfully and at daybreak we decided that the workers had done well and we should return back to town to let them rest. On our return down the newly built road, some of the party members had thoughts from the conversation with the Weretiger that maybe the cottage had more to it than we first suspected. Upon a closer inspection, a trap door was discovered. A Werefox spoke to us and told us to be careful if we were going in there. We debated the wisdom of leaving the workers to go investigate this trap door, but Gargot volunteered to stay with them and would alert of us if they were endangered.

The trap door led to a cave (lit by crystals). Shrieker found a note in elvish saying something to the effect that the necklace had been ineffective and that “It” was coming and asked for help. (seeing as we found this note on the ground of the cave, seems likely the writer didn’t have time to send this message.) Further exploration discovered a Greater Ancient Roper with another Roper. They noticed us and approached with hostile intent. As combat began a Bulette appeared as well. (this Ancient Roper was quite fearsome.)

Marcus had the misfortune of being closest to the Greater Ancient Roper and was tentacled and then pulled in. The lesser creature were killed fairly quickly and then the Greater Ancient Roper was focused down. (I could not see during some of this fight due to the magical darkness Shrieker emitted but luck seemed with us today).) Having survived that we decided to get back to the workers before anything else might appear.

As evening approached on our way back to Port Mirandia we saw a frost giant carving up a white dragon. I recognized him as Chief Nifil. We had a pleasant conversation, (he’s been learning the common language) in which he said he was looking for a white dragon to kill. We said we had killed some up north and he thought that might be the one he was looking for. He then said he had decided his village needed a new name, and had picked Utgard. We then had said out goodbyes as it was late.

Being so close to Port Mirandia we decided to push ourselves to get there this day. We and the workers all safely arrived. (but my old bones are tired….. so tired, I’ll need a few days of rest to feel normal)