DM: Geo

Players: Cavendish, Cade, Murdrum, Nalkris, Dimble, Horace

Off we went on my debut expeditions on this island!  Just me and a bunch of soft mages.  Anyway!  We went to track down some orcs on this trail some others found a few weeks back.  No problem!  I am here now and even an army of orcs is no problem for the likes of me.

After an absolutely BORING 8 hour walk following the road north of Ruined Oak we reach some sort of fortress.  Don’t ask me which type, all these land building look the same.  To my frustration all the orks where dead and not by my hand! Unacceptable!!! To by great pleasure they saw that they missed out on the fight of their life so they rose from the dead just to challenge me.  Got to love that enthusiasm.  I was less enthused when their leader, what looked like some sort of corrupted orc chieftain, teleported to fight someone else.  He stood no chance against my legendary skills but fighting the weak when there is a strong challenger is irredeemable!  At any rate, I ended up holding off a horde of the undead while almost all of my little mage friends hid in a jail cell.  We won.  Of course.  I was here.

Some of the others looted the slain and found some sort of emblem.  Looked like a skull inside a circle colored black and green.  Again, weak!  Your jolly roger, or whatever they use on land, needs to be large to strike fear!!! Not hidden away in some pocket.  Board, I grabbed a bottle of booze from the kitchen and took a stroll around the fortress.  At least along coasts these big land buildings often have good plunder!  After going through a few halls I heard a humming and charged in to see a large… thing.  Some sort of blob that looked a little like flowing molten lead.  It packed an extremely strong punch, seemed resistant to magic (some effects just slid right off), was quite hard to stab, healed over time, and could even cast spells.  Truly a worthy foe.  But no, it was causing too much collateral damage for all those small soft mages to survive.  And if they all die while I slay this thing, who would ever join my crew!  Unacceptable!!! I had to lead this thing away.

I charged into a nearby room and saw a dead wizard on a bed holding a book  Finally some plunder!  I grabbed the book and dove through the nearby window.  The think of course followed me!  Why would it not?  Only moments after I dove through the window it burst through the wall to fight me.  Ahh but that was its mistake and this crafty fella knew it.  Seeing that the fight was now 1 on 1 and I didn’t need to hold back for all those soft mages the crafty thing ran!  Just teleported away when things where getting good.  Now that’s just unsporting. 

We regrouped by the front gates of the fortress and went over the book I plundered from that wizard.  Apparently his name was Holzalosun and he lived alone working on conjuration research.  Now that just seems silly!  Why would you devote your life to a craft, even if its magic, if not to display it for the admiration of others!?  Silly wizards.  He wanted to summon some sort of ultimate beast and fount a contact.  Now we are cooking!  Something that might be worthy of fighting me!!  The final bit of the book read,

“The spawn of  Zariel has killed me.  The Ayin promised me great power but I was a fool.  The creature I summoned is death to all, there is no controlling it.   I lay here wounded and fear I will not draw much more breath. “

 “They tricked me into doing their dirty work, I should have headed the gardens warning.”

One of the little mages knew that Zariel was an archfiend of the first layer of hell or something.  They said some other things but I stopped paying attention after they mentioned Zariel was on another plane and I would be unable to challenge them.  Why does everyone worth fighting have to be hidden away somewhere?! 

– Cavendish