Party consisted of Kaladin, Mazikeen, Logain, Marcus Wellspring, Jardeis (I feel like I would be amiss to mention the Dragon), and Nuemu

A cold winter morning, as we answered the call to help a farmer.

This path lead us back to the underhanded ladies of the Forest Roxanna and Xylene whom sent us after a plant being guarded by “Seelie” fey, It was upon entering the sacred ground of some fey that we learned the true nature of the Ladies, They were Hags, or so we had been told, the Fey offered to assist us, we accepted and where joined by Mr. Whiffy Beard, Mr. Eye Tattoo, and Mr Smug Face. Returning to their home we proceeded to question them, at such a point when our suspicions had been confirmed we attacked, Roxanna the largest of the two fought, however the human size of the two proceeded to shroud herself and run. Roxxana showed her true nature

To our dismay when we returned to the farmer, he seemed to be using adventurers to “solve” the problem of having to give his child up . . . .

Inside of their abodes we found a sigil on the ground unable to determine what it was I Marcus Wellspring stepped on it to find myself extremely tired I do unfortunately do not remember anything much but I know The Lord on the Rack saw me thru the ordeal.

My Friends there is a necromantic Pool in existence at the Former Roxxana and Xylene’s place our party lacked the means to be able to destroy it, please someone take care of this atrocity, and I would be honored to accompany you.

As is custom I have done my best to point out the locations below.

Please my friends be wary.
Marcus Wellspring