Session: To Tie up Loose Ends

18 March to 02 April

Beralt, Galli, Slissezh, Rilan, Lyn, Gabriel

Meeting up with Blue!

This is my first log, and it is the saddest thing I will have to do. We lost a very good friend on our journey and She must be known about.

 Galli was looking over the figurines we acquired over the last few trips and the crystal figures and the lady shes been talking to, Merula said she didn’t know much about them and that we should talk to Blue Fang about it. We Left Port Miranda in hopes to meet with our new furry friend, Blue Fang. He said that he doesn’t know anything about it but it looks quiet old. Blue began telling us, even though we killed the evil queen in her realm or what ever the door we take in the mystical forest to get there is not actually dead, but very much alive, but very ill. He told us about the town that the group I have been adventuring with once went to a town that had some form of substance issue is now being run over by an evil Satyr. He tells us that the Evil Satyr is in power of the town now and that there are living trees that she is using as her enforcers.

The Cabin

We continue to head our normal route southwest of Port Miranda to the magical Fey Forest and we come across a small hurt fawn that we malnourished and needed help so we gave it a magical berry to help it up and it ventured off into the woods revealing a cabin. The small, abandoned cabin was covered in vines, we opened the door covered in overgrowth and the fawn entered it said something to Galli in her mind in a fay language and she repeated what it told her back to us:

“It knows the path you came to choose,

It hears the breath you take,

the boards that creak beneath your shoes,

the leaves that crack and break.

It knows you chose to walk alone,

and how your secrets hide.

It seeds beneath the heart of you,

the creeping roots of fear,

and in your heart you feel it too…

…you’re always welcome here.”

During the night in the cabin we took our watches and on the third watch that Slissezh was on spotted strange ghostly figures approaching and attacked us! The ghosts did quite a toll on us draining us of all our magic and nearly our health! Several members of the party kept falling but with the help of berries and magic we barely made it out alive. After fishing off the ghosties we soon realized in the middle of the night that Blue had gone missing. The party said that we would go out to find him in the morning so the went back to sleep. With the connection that I have acquired with Blue on the last trip out I was afraid he was in trouble so me and Fluffy, my new mystical companion sneaked away from the party to find him! Shhhhh

Gotta find Blue!!!

Through my good tracking I was able to follow the prints Blue left behind that headed south. I followed them throughout the night and in my travels say a bunch of strange trees heading West in a different location that Blue went. They were quiet scarry so I didn’t want to follow them by myself, and of corse Blue needed my help!!! I trekked on further, by now I was VERY tired, but I made it to the outskirts of a small town, in the town I saw many moving trees kinda similar to the the ones earlier….. many of the townsfolk were in a strange assembly line that we leading off to a temple or church of some kind. I told fluffy to wait in the woods and gave him my bag and snuck in to get a better look.

I made it into a tented area that seemed to be houses for some of these people and say a lady picking up wood and metal scraps and heading out into the assembly line. She looked very sick and weak like they haven’t eaten in a while, something must have been up so I picked up some scrapes and covered my already very hurt body in more mud and I pretty much looked just like the locals… I followed in line and shortly after a local fell down to the ground, before I had a chance to react a big tree came by and picked him up! I stayed in line to remain hidden and made it into the temple…..

A Fight to Remember

In the temple it was very large. The line continued to head into the building and to the front where an alter was, at the alter was a halfing and a strange portal that I couldn’t make out too much and a strange blueish-green glow that seemed to be powering it from one of the pillars. I followed the line to the front and once I got to the front I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was that strange metal and fiery place from before! The same one with all those floating fiery skulls! How….. before I could even make a move fore it after throwing my scraps in the portal the halfing man yelled at me to sit, I had been caught…. I gave a fake name when asked who I was but my lack of sleep must have made my lie not trusting. I then told him the town was surrounded by my companions and that they would strike if I did not return with my friend, that didn’t seem to work either….. by now he was pissed and told me to either surrender or the people of the town that took me down would be fed. The crowd all stood up ready to attack me till I mad a move at the fancy guy. It was a very tuff fight as all I had was my two daggers and a few berries. I was able to throw some berries at some townsfolk to get them on my side to take down the evil man but even with that it was no use. One swipe at a time he took down the poor weak locals with his blade. Then it came down to me…. I threw my last berry to the crowd but they seemed to loose hope as I said a few last words before my eyes shut….

I woke up later to a lady at my side. Apparently my last words won the towns people over and they all ambushed the fancy man. They ran him out of the temple and that’s when I saw it, I stood up slowly and then saw the blueish green aura was coming form an elf lady in blue hair. She was trapped and a small bead held her in place and seemed to be channeling her magic to have the portal open. I immediately pull the pebble and the alter and the portal shatter not remaining open anymore. I the realize the lady, is actually BLUE!!! She gives me a stern talking to about coming alone and that it wasn’t safe to do so but I told her I was worried about him,her…I wasn’t sure if I was tired or seeing things… as we talked the temple soon became surrounded by those trees and I looked for a way out to free the remaining townsfolk in the temple with us. I led them out a back window as Blue made a big wave of water magically appear and provide an escape from everyone.

Time for Revenge!

We made it to the wood-line of the forest and found we were getting trailed by three trees, Blue and I made a last ditch effort to hold them off  as the people fled. I was able to call fluffy over to help but even with the three of us all badly hurt couldn’t stand a chance, fluffy went down then blue. Me being hopeless fled away from town being chased by the trees. I eventually found my party, well rested. And they helped me take down the trees. I told them there was no time to waste, Blue and Fluffy were down and led them back to town with little to no details and not much trust in me either…..

I gather my things and when we get back to Blue’s body her body is covered in ice and when touched a musical tune emanates and a spectral figure raises from the body. Very saddened and mad we make an assault on the town to rid the trees and evil satyr and mayor….. I find out the fancy guy is the mayor! Lyn scouts the town stealthily and comes back to tell us that the mayor and the satyr is in the town hall that that is where the assault will need to take place.  WE make it to the building  and it is surrounded by trees guarding it. Lyn approaches and hears them talking about what they are doing and we find out the remaining locals have been locked in buildings and they will now kill them as their plans to feed the portal are ruined!


We go to make a stand but before doing so, Lyn makes a snap and they hear us and they attack us. We are able to take the trees down over time, and eventually the satyr but the mayor flees into the woods. Lyn, Slissezh and I chase the mayor into the woods where we finally catch him and he seems to be turning into a tree or something so I throw two arrow into him due to hatred and that apparently finishes him off.

After a short time we are able to free the locked civilians that were locked away. We free them and though it takes a bit to calm everyone down and feed them we eventually take rest in town and tell them we will be back to check on them. They are in dire need of food to get back up to the sustainability they would need to back to a normal settlement….maybe we can send some goods to help them…

The Queen!

We then make our trek back to the tree with the door to the queens area. When we get there we find the door left ajar. Lyn sneaks ahead of the group to make sure everything is safe and we find the same rooms as we did prior but they are all dark and now neglected and in disarray. We eventually find the queen but she is very badly hurt and cold bounded up in a blanket. She tells us her servants sacrificed their lives to bring her back to the dead. She tells us that an elven lady with blue hair was there helping her and that she left to get help. After helping cure her some and then giving water for her to clean up she seemed to be a bit better. She tells us of the totems that came from her guards she said she would need the last one to complete the set, referring to the one Blue gave me last time. I pulled it out and showed her trying ot offer it but she told me to keep in in Blue’s Honnor. We find out Blue was once one of her father’s generals. The generals had betrayed the Master for good and he tortured their souls, killing them over and over until they broke. Blue apparently was the only one that did not break and she was unsure what happened to her.

The lady then talked about the cryptic’s, the gem things we had. She said that they are anchors to her fathers pocket dimension. She eventually shattered the three we had saying it would help destroy them, but we must also destroy the doorways as well. The are nine that we need to find. She said if we ever need any help in the future she would be in her same location. We head on back home with lots of knowledge and many unanswered questions….