Tl;dr: An adventurer from AFK accepts a duel to the death with Zoddoroth, and wins.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Who was Gahzel Havocker, anyone know?
•The entrance to where Baphomet is sealed will be revealed during a eclipse by spilling divine blood on a stone tablet, found where Zoddoroth was fought and died.
Tobaggins has knowledge of the stars and eclipses.

Session Title: The Challenge of Zoddoroth!
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 31 Jul 2022 @ 18:15 UTC
Session Risk: 7

Barry (Cleric 5/Fighter 5/Wizard 2) with an owl familiar (played by Tootired78)
Gau (Druid 15) (played by Konopa)
Katla (Fighter 15) with Blink the sidekick (Blink Dog 4) (played by Arden)
Twee (Cleric 1/Fighter 2/Ranger 11) (played by RCB)

Barry and group gather at White Moon Cove, asked by Psychic Katla to travel with her to accept the the challenge of Zoddoroth, a demon who issue challenge to single combat. Zoddoroth left pole with writing to say go to Neathy Forest. Barry and group travel along road to Inn, then Druid Gau twice do druid magic to let Barry and group travel through tree. Barry and group in forest, but not sure where to look, move northwest then camp for night.

During second watch, camp approached from south by human man, leather clothing and staff. Barry think another druid. Druid introduce self as Druid Zachary. Druid Zachary say he here to investigate presence of strong demonic magic and energy in area, then report to his matron, Druid Gwendolyn. Say Druid Gwendolyn have hidden camp back southeast, and it would be safer to travel in morning, then goes to sleep nearby.

Barry and group have quiet night otherwise. In morning, Druid Zachary lead group southeast, through tree, to hidden campsite, introduce Barry and group to elderly looking Druid Gwendolyn. Druid Gwendolyn inquires why Barry and group here, to which Psychic Katla explain about challenge.


Druid Gwendolyn know about Zoddoroth, say demonic energy drawing other creatures to gather. She say that she recently meet older friend, who might be able to guide Barry and group to where Zoddoroth fight challenge. Her friend our friend too, skeletal rider Erebor, who she met while Erebor search forest for demon to kill many year ago.


Erebor lead Barry and group east, forest get more dense as Barry and group go. Around noon, Erebor say sense many monster nearby, be on guard. Few minute late, Druid Gau see three gravestone, made of stone, in front of stone replica of big glaive, but blade is larger than normal. Erebor point to statue of human getting impaled, name weapon Heartclever, weapon of Baphomet, the Demon Lord of Minotaurs. Further say some demon use lesser replica as weapon.

Druid Gau see on writing on gravestone, Psychic Katla say it Abyssal. Three name, one each stone. “Gahzel Havocker” “Alfred Crommwell” “Futsunushi Saitoyoshi.” Barry know Futsunushi name, Barry used to have skeleton made from body. Barry recognize Cromwell as archmage other adventurers kill. No one of Barry and group know Gahzel Havocker.

Abjuration magic radiate from gravestone, statue, and blade. Writ with magic, in infernal, in air above gravestone “. “To my fallen comrades who sought the location of where the Demon Lord of Minotaurs was sealed. Though your bodies could not be retrieved, rest knowing that Zoddoroth Nosferatus endures.”

Erebor say Zoddoroth near, indicate east. Psychic Katla drink many potion. Erebor say Zoddoroth build monument as check point for challenger. Off east, large group of various monstrosity shuffle toward Barry and group, form a line and point east. Barry and group go east, ten minute walk, see raised circular stone ruin, stair up on one side. Within ruin at opposite side from stair is Zoddoroth, in front of stone tablet.


Zoddoroth notice Erebor, say have no interest in him, tell him he can take care of other unworthy foe that come here. Many monstrosity threaten Erebor, who say “do what need be done, Erebor take care of many monstrosity.” then leave to fight.

Zoddoroth eye Psychic Katla who present challenge pole. Zoddoroth ask if Barry and group fight with Katla. Barry and group say no, here to spectate. Zoddoroth say not want mere spectator, then summon three figure, a demon, a minotaur and a half-orc outside ring, declaring them previous challenger who surrender, who Barry, Goblin Twee and Druid Gau must fight.

Zoddoroth take deep breath, loud shout, “I am Zoddoroth Nosferatus the Ultimate Warrior, Slayer of the Unworthy and Unfallen Harbinger of Baphomet the Prince of Beasts! Before this replica of my demon lord’s weapon Heartcleaver and your impending sacrifices, declare yourselves, challengers!

Barry not expect to fight, and Barry not know if Psychic Katla allowed help in duel. Barry and Goblin Twee kill half-orc, who Barry think powerful druid, then minotaur while Druid Gau keep demon busy. Barry caught glimpse of Psychic Katla and Zoddoroth fight, exchanging powerful blow, Zoddoroth resist Psychic Katla necrotic axe magic and Zoddoroth wound close on own.

After nearly half minute of blows, Zoddoroth change to true form, then breathe fire all over fight, hit not just Psychic Katla, hit Barry and Goblin Twee. Barry and group take this to mean duel done and hit back. Zoddoroth flail about while severely bloodied, blind himself with deep cut to own face, then just die to Psychic Katla necrotic axe magic. Barry think Zoddoroth not imagine dying in such fashion.

Zoddoroth True Form

Barry and group go check Erebor, see heavily wounded Erebor surrounded by pile of many dead monstrosity, kill one more before last flee. Erebor ask if Zoddoroth dead, Psychic Katla say yes. Erebor want to see body. Erebor check body, close the eyes, mutter some word then suggest burn body. Druid Gau burn body, visage of minotaur hover over body. Barry and group think Baphomet.

Erebor say lingering demon magic still in area, focus on tablet. Tablet radiate conjuration and abjuration magic. Writ in Abyssal.

“When pitch dark clouds envelope the sky
And the time of shadows dying the moon red is nigh,
Spill the blood of divinity here for our feasts
To reveal the entrance of the Prince of Beasts!”

Barry and group and Erebor return to Druid Gwendolyn hidden camp. Druid Gwendolyn grateful Barry and group kill Zoddoroth, and return with everyone alive. Barry and group ask her opinion on tablet. Druid Gwendolyn think it describe where Baphomet sealed on island. She not know about star and eclipse, suggest one guy she met, Tobaggins.

Erebor say Erebor revenge fulfilled, will move on to future, reconsider his purpose. Erebor, Druid Gwendolyn and Druid Zachary bid farewell, leave to go to Druid Gwendolyn home, somewhere southwest. Barry and group camp for night safely, then Druid Gau use more druid magic to get Barry and group back to White Moon Cove through many tree.