TLDR; Destra had greatly increased the size of the home with the help form the book that Merula asked for. But she is apparently under the masters influence. We decided against bringing the book back. The master lives in Port Mirandia, Hastro and Histro and lives in an abandoned goblin cave beneath the serpent river and Slavier is located above the ocean ruins. We could possibly free Merula from the master by bringing her to Destras place.

DM: Omelette
Date: October 4th – November 8th


  • Slissezh (Warlock 4) (TheOddity)
  • Galli (Wizard 5) (tiffthatsit)
  • Beralt (Blood Hunter 5) (Espada)
  • Vivi (Sorcerer 7) (Konopa)
  • Free (Barbarian 3/Rogue 1) (Le Count)
  • Lyn (Ranger 5) (Qarlynd)
  • Gulu Fandlake (Fighter 5) (Kiwi)

An innocent request

From some discussion we decided to head to Destra to get some information that can help us against the master’s minions. When we went out we get asked by Merula to bring back one book is in Destras possession. We headed out and after a brief meeting with a strange man on the way who was lost we left the road to go through the forest towards Destras tree.


During the first night in the forest a strange man came upon the camp introducing himself as Roshutto having some kind of spirit following him. The weird man were selling things that could make you older, as if someone would want to have that! And for some reason this man were looking for someone with two left hands.

Moving through the forest the surrounding area started to become colder and ravens were gathering above us. Then out of a tree a ghostly figure came with a terrible wail that immediately fells three of us. After a short fight and some good fire spells the two ghosts were defeated.

We eventually reach the town of Milton were we argued with a stupid guard before Darcy came and had a gift for Destra, goodberry cakes. After checking the cakes for poison we head for Destras tree.

A big improvement

Entering the tree we immediately notice that the pocket dimension has grown considerably since last time we were here. We get met by a wagon taking us to Destras palace. She seemed exhausted from all the reading and studying, but it apparently had payed off considering what the place has grown into. We get some information that the master is apparently some kind of Lich but she cannot really answer our questions about the prophecy or about the whereabouts of the child that lives over the underwater ruins. She is also hesitant to give away her book to Merula, since that book has been what have made her able to expand her place, describing some of the masters secrets.

Destras palace
Destras pocket dimention

Library of many secrets

After leaving Destra we head to the library, trying to find some useful information. And to my surprised it was easier than I though. All I had to do was to sign my name in blood and answer some questions. Then I got a notebook, apparently written by Blue, Destras mother, where she lists some information about the masters servants. We learn a couple of things from the book.

  • The master resides in Port Mirandia
  • Blue also lives in Port Mirandia
  • The sisters escorting us after rescuing Merula were Hastro and Histro and lives in an abandoned goblin cave beneath the serpent river.
  • Slavier is a son of the master located above the ocean ruins.
  • Merula is under the masters control.

Galli told us that she learned that Cleric is the greatest enemy of the master and Merulas boyfriend is unremarkable. While Beralt apparently spoke to someone that claimed to be able to heal Merula from her silver and golden tattoos and the masters influence.

Another Librarian?

Return to the library

The next day we speak with Destra again but she is apparently very distraught from reading about the prophecies and we can’t get any information from her. We do find a list of books that it seems she read during the night. Heading back to the library the librarian is now some sort of imp and gives us a card and unclear instructions about what we cannot do in the library. When we insert the card in the cart it takes us to where our desired books are. There are illusion magic around and some kind of mind magic that manages to catch Lyn, who goes on his own trip almost getting killed in the process. There are also bodies in the library, who they were and why they were here is unknown but they had considerable wealth. I picked up a book to put it back and it burned so it’s possible that was what had happened to the corpses.

When we have all our books, we come upon another strange creature of this realm. She says something about that we had broken some rules and that we could be judged by creatures we have previously slain. Seeing through the trap we decide to fight the creatures instead, some turned out to be creatures that we already have slain. The fight goes well despite Galli trying to burn the books despite the Librarians warning. This leads to that we have to repay by moving bodies and repair books to appease the librarian. Wasn’t all bad because we found some coin on the bodies.

Finally out from the library we had some time to study the books and found the following prophecy:

“Woa there be, for this power shall set him free.
With bonds of silver and gold of this elusive power he will take hold.
Though, let it be known. The weapon you seek is closer than you think.
If to be defeated the owls must be smashed to pieces.”

From everything we found so far, Merulas request for the book might not be as innocent as first presented. Therefore we did not fulfill her request. Although it is unclear whether or not she has any knowledge of it or is just an unknowing, unwilling pawn of the master we do well being careful what what we say around her.