DM: Waylander
Party: Barry, Kirnis, Zanovar, Babel

We started out on a simple errand, deliver this pie to some poor guard stuck out in an outpost. Not too far, but Guard duty has to be boring, Unlike fishing, I mean you can spear fish, cast fish, bear fish… have you ever tried that? Ahh sometime I will show you the patientence of water.

Alvyna, She is a bit short on words, be patient with her.

I am saddened by how I arrive to find that AFK has been doing nothing but taking from the land, Even in Ocean we know better than that. You don’t hunt Tuna to extinction just cause you hungry, you shouldn’t chop trees down to nothing just because you can. Help land like we help the sea promote the growth, replant it easy! You anger the Protectors, lucky for you I talk with Alvyna, stop war between AFK and Nature, Now it up to all of you to uphold talks, treat land with respect, seek out Alvyna talk to her, make sure we no clear cut just because we can. Plant Trees, ask Protectors for help in taking bounty of land, Be good neighbors!

After matters settled, and people understood it is better to talk than fight, we ventured out once more to as Professor Babel would put it “Adventuer!” We had come across a strange tomb?. . . Finding a hidden door we entered the place, to be funneled into a small room… Hindsight not everyone stand in small room.

This could have been very painful if not for Zanovar and quick thinking, we float to ground like feather. One would think fall be enough but, these devious one trapped to Gelatinous Cubes in small space… Normally we move faster than cubes small space not so much.

Whoever design this, nothing sacred to them, chest try to eat poor Professor Babel. Given time, maybe it be door next time or even a chair you sit in, be sure to check inside these creatures they like Great White Shark eat everything not care about what you have just you are meat.

“Adventure” as Professor Babel would say, however this became much more than and adventure it was research, learning the creatures is something we must do to survive. . . That being said if you see the many eye creature depicted above be ware for my actions became not my own. Treated me much like angler fish treat other fish, hyponotizing them with their light, this was just more forceful.

– Kirnis