Game Master: Geokhan
Date: 02/24/2021
Mission: High on a Mountain, I saw a Flash of Light
Log Number: 6

The Builders

Hello, it’s your girl Julijonas, your new Bard in town. I would say this was my Seventh adventure, but I’m not sure if the first one counts as I didn’t write a log of it and was in Arena Week. I’ll just consider this my sixth adventure. To be honest, I didn’t know what we were supposed to do at first, I just signed up because I wanted to go out. I also don’t believe a Chronicler has been assigned, suppose I will take that honorary role.

This time we started off at Ruined Oak with some workers, the air was cold (because it is the winter season). On the first leg of our trek, we encountered four mounted and battered adventurers with a fifth horse carrying a corpse of an unfortunate party member. One of them told us that they were attacked by Gnolls. We pressed forth to the bridge, and there seemed to have been some sort of scuffle with perhaps Gnoll footprints along with humanoid shoe prints. Further along were two giant rotten creatures, one of them as a worm like creature with lobster claws, and the other was unrecognizable as it has mostly been eaten through. Our group then came across a Monodrone piloting a large insect like creature, with a flying serpentine creature and a Stone Golem flanking it. The Monodrone told us that it praises the Snow Queen and to become her slaves. Minago then walked off in an attempt to hide, which alerted them and the Time for Mercy has Passed.


I suppose I could give you a summary of their capabilities. The Stone Golem was immune to mundane attacks. Flying Snake Thing was capable of casting darkness, burrowing, and breath poison. Giant Insect was a mount the the Monodrone was on as it fired its bow in quick succession, but it kept fumbling and making a fool of itself. When things weren’t going towards their favor, the Monodrone booked it on its mount, running really far. Also the Flying Snake Thing killed some workers with its breath attack.

After that whole encounter, we rested at an outpost and learned more about the previously mentioned Snow Queen. She is, I believe unseelie and has a weakness for a particular gift. After resting, there was a being of fire sitting on a rock with a being of stone roasting something over the flame person. They didn’t pay much mind to us so we carried on. Further along was a 3 story tall tower that could have belong to some Wizard. Considering our time, we decided to ignored it. A sign showed up later on with the words “Swollen Tooth” scratched out pointed South West to the mountains. Then a long and deep trench to a crater, it has been there a while so nothing new. Close to our destination was the Rehope Trading Post, a small fort of Dwarves. We did some business there and pressed on. Just before our destination were these dinosaur like tracks. Apparently an adventurer Among Us™ has one of those creatures (which to that, how). Camp was set up upon arrival and nothing evil came up. Though there was a scroll case on a stick close by with a burned piece of paper inside. The note was written in Dwarvish with some orders about Hoffelmien’s Tomb and to stop anyone that approaches. Again, it was burned so there wasn’t anything new to gleam from it since a previous adventuring group and I already dealt with it.

Upon the rising of the morning sun, the workers started doing what they were hired to do. However while doing so, four Giant Ants ambushed them and the Time for Mercy has Passed.

The workers were getting brutally slaughtered by these ants, but if things couldn’t get any worse, their Queen arrived to the scene to fuck some more shit up (oh joy). These dude’s venom packed a powerful punch, they easily could have killed us all. Although one of the ants was having trouble getting bites in like the Monodrone from earlier, oh and Minago set the Queen on fire. Istasha went down quite a bit, but we prevailed as usual, with barely enough workers alive to finish the outpost. Upon further investigation of their appearances discovered a large Ant hole with the body of poor souls who suffered here before. The exit was immediately lit ablaze and caved in, sleep was then had.

It snowed over night uneventful. Upon returning, our Scout noticed some more things; a disembodied human head with tracks heading South West in the snow, the flame and rock beings still there, a pair of dull, mundane knives left behind without a trace, and a tiny hut on the frozen river under the bridge. This shake was actually well furnished, it would be a nice place to live, if it weren’t for the hole through the ice and the Presence of Blood. Before we could put much though to it, the ice began to rumble, so we promptly left. Relatively near to the Ruined Oak was a broken abandoned cart with spilt ant infested flour. Usually this means Goblin ambush but not this time, and we retuned without issue.

Thank you for reading my log. This was my first time trying out this new format, how did I do? If you have any questions consider joining the Arcane Order, I should be in the lobby while I’m not adventuring. This is once again Julijonas, your new Bard in town, signing out.