Party Zugall, Bardy, Marcus, Balthier, Griters, Tenfoll’at

Rain gave way to a rainbow, a mysterious island. . . You would think that we would learn but we do not. A group of us decided to head out and see what lay at the end of the rainbow, Luckily a folding boat and a Shelled captain later we find ourselves on the island…

The magic on this island saturates the are, Tenfoll’at familiar started to talk and I swear it’s eyes got larger… I am concerned since Tenfoll’at makes it sounds like she feds souls to the island…

Despite my giving we pressed on into the island where we were met by a tiny humanoid whom exhibited strange powers, flitting back and forth this creature vanished from view as easily as you or I breath. I am not certain as to how we came to the choices we came to, but we ended up fighting the creature.

but it

was probably just a miscommunication… probably…

The creature proved resourceful and full of tricks, so we moved
On the way home we got to see the birth of a storm!

Stay safe
Marcus Wellspring