Tl;dr : A group of adventurers left Ruined Oak with the intention of having a chat with some druids, but instead they were driven to defend a freed slave from his pursuing well armed captors. Then they were drawn into the search for a mysterious person by unknown forces. They found a female tiefling who was running from a forced marriage but there might be more to this story, tune in for more information as it becomes available. All the adventurers safely returned.

Possible Future Adventures (maybe for higher level groups):
•A force of unknown origin with with metal machine humanoids and dog, possibly lead by Grifdord
•A womanhunt for a snake oil saleswoman named Madam Senatra
•A dracolisk lair somewhere in the forest southeast of Ruined Oak.

Session Title : Player Organized Mission 12 Jun 2021
Session DM : Geokhan
Session Date : 12 Jun 2021 @ 01:30 UTC

Aodh (Barbarian 3)
•”Cartographer” and “Chronicler” Barren (Sorcerer 1)
•”Leader” Dakka Doon (Fighter 4)
Imogène (Fighter 2)
•”Scout” Peren (Barbarian 1/ Druid 2)
•”Trailblazer” Rattle (Monk 3)

We are Barren. We meet new people. We follow. We go east from place we slept last, called Ruined Oak. We follow road. We find yummy fruit. We see elf? running from something. We see he wary, harried, seem recently tied up. We see people chase him. We hear him ask for help. We see four humans? chasing him. We fight. Humans? strong, hard to hit. The Rattle entity almost died.

We ask elf? name, elf? say “Vitan“. “Vitan” says he was enslaved by a group that was making metal machines to capture someone. Someone important, someone who had betrayed their boss. “Vitan” was a farmer near a place called White Moon Cove?Vitan” said he stayed after it fell? and then was captured. “Vitan” say camp was four hours east of where we fought.


We rest. We move into forest. We find tracks. The Peren entity say they were tracks of dracolisk?. Description sound scary. We search for food and find some. We set camp. We find it got cold during Our watch. We were woken during next watch to find a whirlpool of water mysteriously appeared. The Rattle entity put money into lockbox which seemed to make the whirlpool bubbly and warm.

We move back to the road in the morning. We find a firbolg? who says his name is “Gary“, who has plants growing from his skin and rats dancing on his hand. “Gary” brings warning of bad wind that came from the south, from across the river, that travelled through the forest and seemed to be searching for someone unknown to “Gary” and his druid grove. The bad wind has with it machines, two metal humanoids and one metal dog. The Rattle entity inquires from “Gary” of dracolisks, who responds that there is only one in the area, and it would make a meal of us.


Gary” asks us if we might help search for the unknown entity being pursued by the bad wind. We agree. The search area is around the lair of the dracolisk, so We should be wary. We move into the forest, and hear beastly roars and commotion. We hear goats bleating very loudly. We see living shadows and demon bats. We hear the bats shrill incapacitating screams. We attacked by shadows, with bats and fight back.

During fight We glimpse four-armed insect like humanoid trying to hurt giant goats. We lost the insect-humanoid during the confusion of fighting.

After the fight We tried to communicate with the group of giant goats, horses and small humanoids who seemed blind from the light of day. We could not. They were peaceful, and preferred to stay in the deep shade of the trees. We think they were grateful for Our help as they gave Us presents.

We move southwest trying to find insect human. We smell brimstone. We instead find “Trisha” a tiefling hiding in the bushes. She said she running from “Grifdord” who was trying to force her to marry him. We feel union should always be voluntary. We offer to take her back to Ruined Oak town and she does. We think “Gridford” might be leader of group trying to find someone and “Trisha” was the someone.


When We were getting closer to Ruined Oak, We saw guards from Ruined Oak putting up a wanted person notice for a “Madam Senatra“, wanted for selling snake oils and false cures. We are not sure selling snake oils should be criminal, but false cures should be. The guards saw Our notice and used magic to make a more detailed image of her. The guards asked Us to keep Our eyes open and report any information we find regarding her whereabouts. We agree to do so, then We went back to Ruined Oak.

Madam Senatra