“Usually, I try to make these logs formal, informative, and to the point, but with this mission a true descriptor of events doesn’t really get the full picture….”

“I’ll be honest, I’ve had my eyes and ears tracking these events surrounding the J’anice phenomenon for a while, so when I heard Balthier was heading that way, I couldn’t refuse. I had sources telling me bits and pieces, and, especially given that some information regarding the goings on of Balthier and the rest of his flock seem to disappear from our records from time to time, Up until this point, I had put together that the former adventurer Karn and current three eyed adventurer Balthier found something in the wilderness one night; something otherworldly. I understood from records of cultists sighting in the cove before the Fall that this was related to the eldritch ‘neutral’ god J’an. I had identified a small number of affiliated individuals within the allied freeholds, including but- I am sure- not limited to Glanfath, Zugall, and Don that had not only encountered it, but had too aligned themselves with the manifestation. I also was able to piece together that certain sacrifices were necessary to keep this creature alive, ‘essence’ as it is sometimes referred to, though more often than not this took this form of blood of several classifications of otherworldly beings here in Katashaka, though still much of the facts of the situation have seemingly purposely been hidden.”

“Uzza too came, a member of Balthier’s guild, though she didn’t seem to yet have embraced the spawn. I was glad to have her nearby if anything got hairy, but our journey east was relatively peaceful. We moved in the direction of the pillar of light, it’s glow staining the night sky. I didn’t know peace while we slept because of it, but with my guiding trail and watchful eyes, we made short work of the distance. We had a brief run in with a Kobold scouting party, and while one nearly managed to escape, we did neutralize them rather quickly, carrying a note from Grimmal forces to keep tabs on our movements. I still worry of the east, but this is a discussion for another time.”

“As we got near White Moon Cove, we spent the night in a former campsite, a remnant of the before. The dusk was quiet, though towards the end of the night we heard loud, large, mechanical noises come from the north, heading from west to east. It is unclear at this time what this may have been, but with our limited numbers and the danger of even one of the metal men we had encountered before, we decided to let things lie. It passed soon enough.”

“We continued southeast to the sight of the cave where countless adventurers had fallen, not far from Spider’s Reach, though we dared not tread to close to the fallen outpost. Soon, we came upon a grouping of familiar cultists, not those of the Way of Aspis, but instead the followers of J’an X’at D’Jor. (It is perhaps an intriguing note that the founder of Pebble Toss, Dwaff, seems to follow the same being, but does not seem to have connection to the same being Balthier has provided with aid.) Balthier allowed the followers into the cave, though he warned that the party would not hesitate to strike them down should they act aggressively. The J’anist priests agreed not to interfere, apparently more interested in observation than any fighting. Balthier was able to open the cave, which was perhaps the most floral underground abode that I have visited. It was guarded by skeleton warriors, who took orders from Balthier to watch the cultists.”

“It was not long before we came upon the spawn, encased in wood and a purple gemstone. The light was brilliant, but Balthier moved forward all the same, touching his hand to the surface. The wood moved away, and the gemstone cracked as a being gently floated out and came into the world into Balthier’s careful embrace as he welcomed his child.”

“Her name was given as J’anice Bunanza D’Jor, recognizing Balthier’s custody or perhaps his usefulness. I have no doubt she is grateful for the services he has provided, though she did seem somewhat distant in her phrasing. As she finished speaking to Balthier, one of her eyes turned to observe Ral, who immediately disappeared within her gaze. She then greeted both Uzza, and myself, the same eye rendering my coveted Ring of Mind Shielding useless while she looked upon me. Uzza inquired briefly as to the nature of Balthier’s relation, skeptical that this was his flesh and blood and perhaps a bit fearful of the situation, though in my experience on the island, I have seen many things: I serve a necromancer that protects the living, I have met powerful Fae that can extend their will throughout a whole forest, I have even seen large walking men that rippled with lightning, I know of strange stones given life that wait just outside our little town limits that could wipe away our civilization with little resistance, that give strange and powerful magics to adventurer’s for their protection. When Balthier explained this as his daughter, and she presented us without immediate threat of mental domination or molecular disintegration, and in the presence of something that was clearly beyond the scale of but a few that I have met, I did not strike at her in her weakened state. I trust I did not make the wrong decision.”

“We spent the night in the cave, and continued back in the morning. The rest of our trip was largely uneventful, though we did have to put down a yeti, providing a sizable payout for our group in the process. We returned to Ruined Oak with J’anice staying at her father’s guildhall. I would advise any bloodthirsty enough, any foolish enough, or any shortsighted enough to make a move against this young girl not to try it. Dark clouds still loom the horizon, and we do not need another enemy.”

-The One Called Twee

Mechanical Creatures Moving West to East