Tl;ldr: A group of adventurers decided that the likely presence of a blue dragon nest must be investigated, posthaste, so off they went. Through the portal near Port Mirandia, they popped on over to GKE, then traveled east looking for dragon signs. They followed them to a cave where the group encountered a sea hag in league with the blue dragons. They fought and killed her, then fought and killed a nearly adult blue dragon. Many almost died, but yet again, our adventurers did prevail.

Session Title : Impromptu 10 Jun 2021
Session DM : Calmseeker
Session Date : 10 Jun 2021 14:30 UTC

Characters :
“Chronicler”, “Scout”, “Trailblazer” Bardy (Bard 9/Cleric1) with Honkers (Goose 6)
“Leader” Horace Skyhammer (Sorcerer 6/Cleric 1)
“Cartographer” Murdrum (Sorcerer 6/ Warlock 2) with Tiny Servants
Nuemu (Bloodhunter 5) with Jardeis (Dragon 4)
Tenfoll’at (warlock 1/ Wizard 9) with Coco the Familiar

Horace decided he wanted to go look for a reported nest of blue dragons (I have no clue as to why now, they grabbed me just as I was waking up, seemed spur of the moment) northeast from Port Mirandia. We took the FOT portal to GKE portal. We went east of the portal and after several hours of travel found some dragon tracks heading east, and followed them until it became apparent that the dragon had flown away. The sun descended, so we camped.

During the night someone saw a dragon flying by (and woke me up for some reason, tired old men need their sleep!). I tried to talk with it but it would not respond. It did however touch down briefly and lose a piece of map that seemed to indicate the area northwest of us. Someone spotted a corpse in the vicinity, but we did not investigate it until the morning. It was a female Lapendi warrior clutching an axe, clawed to death, but not by a dragon. Her face seemed stricken with fear. We took the insignia to return to her people, and buried her by a tree marked inscribed with an arrow if they want to come find the body.

We went northwest, and saw a herd of ostrich. Searching around the area we found a passageway into a cliffside tunnel that was a submerged tunnel, (thankfully we could breathe water thanks to Tenfoll’at’s magic.) As we emerged in the cave, we could see it was fairly tall, roughly fifteen feet. We crossed a natural crystalline bridge over a river. We saw signs of fey, then heard cries of despair. We saw a humanoid kneeling in front of a gravestone. An elf woman, she said she was mourning the loss of her lover who had been slain by a dragon.

She was lamenting her inability to move his corpse to the water the way he wanted. Her name was Harkula. (I could tell she was not telling an entirely truthful tale, or perhaps leaving out an important part. I whispered this to Tenfoll’at, who (I later found out) was close enough to discern some type of shimmer on the elf, and cast dispel magic at her). This revealed an ugly sea hag who said some words that seemed to summon some blue dragons and attacked.

The battle was intense. Naturally I hid in the back, me and Horace supporting Tenfoll’at in her dragon dance with fireballs while Nuemu and Murdrum focused on the sea hag. Honkers and Jardeis managed one to keep one of the dragonlings busy. The last foe survivng was the larger blue dragon, who ended up surrounded before going down. During the fight the larger blue dragon referred to a “Mercurius” (I was told this later, I did not understand its speech.)

After the fight we found this note by the gravestone.

“The dragon Mercurius has slain my entire company. It will not be long until its brood finds me as well. It has toyed with us due to my draconic ancestry, but soon it will get bored of me and finish me. If only we hadn’t been deceived by that… hag! What a stupid name it had as well. Harkula.. He has almost become an adult. It won’t be long now until he reaches that next stage. It must be slain before then. My hope is that some day, if I cannot return as undead, another will take vengeance for us, before it is too late…

Murdrum used magic to open up the grave to see who or what was inside. It was a male dragonborn, bronze coloured skin, who seemed like he had been dead a week. Monogrammed onto the clothes was the name “Bearien.” (poor fellow, though what he was doing here remains a mystery.) We continued through the caves until we found an exit into an open area lagoon surround by cliffside. As we looked around a very large dragon and several smaller ones emerged from the water. After some words between Horace and the very large dragon, battle began. (I later found out the very large dragon proclaimed himself Mercurius.)

(During the battle there was a great many exclamations in what I believe was draconic. I understood none of this). There were several lightning breath attacks from the blue dragons, many of those being absorbed by Tenfoll’at and Horace. Nuemu and Jaerdies focused on the second largest dragon. Honkers had another duel with a wyrmling, eventually overcoming it with help of the Tiny Servants. Murdrum laid a near continuous barrage of blasts upon Mercurius that eventually slew it.

We searched around the area, tried our best to collect some nice parts for Voromis (the druid who collects monster parts) and then set out back for the portal. Night arrived before we could make it, and people were hurt so we decided to camp instead of pushing our luck. I was awoken (again!) during the first watch by Horace to examine a body hung from a tree he had noticed. To my eyes, it was a male Lapendi warrior who had been hanging long enough to have been scavenged quite a bit. I proposed that we bury it similar to the female and add any tags we found to the others, to be returned to the Lapendi at some point with directions.

The morning arrived with no issues .We moved west to the portal, through it, and then safely travelled back to Port Mirandia. We deposited the Lapendi tokens so a future group could take them over to the Lapendi tribal area at some point.