Leaving port miranda we ventured southwest across the bridge, to a farmers home, discovering that a grape vine popped up, investigation of this occurrence lead us to a camp of drunken satyrs, lead by one named Drok of Grey Leaf founded by Fivtick Grey Leaf. They had been driven from their homes by night cats, Unfortunately for us none of our group actually knew what they were…  and so a deal was struck, we clear out the creatures

Sometime later we arrived at where we believed to be the Satyrs’ home, which two Large Feline creatures whose visage made it near impossible to tell it’s true location.

Once we cleared the immediate danger Lady Nassella emerged from her hiding place in the tree, she is from the court of the Phantasmagoria which resides nw of the satyrs sanctuary. While Lady Nassella felt that the sanctuary was safe, we decided to do some scouting the next day just to make sure.

Overnight a castle seemed to pop up northeast from the sanctuary, as we traveled west we ran into a man named Fredrick, who claimed the keep was called Blackchasm Keep, owned my Lord Coel Frewer.

Scouting around the most notable thing we found was Kobolds hunting humans. . .Below I have marked the locations.

Be well out there my friends
Marcus Wellspring