Tl;dr : There is still an unexplored something underwater in the cave near the shipwreck east of Port Mirandia. Somehow a group of adventurers, mostly those who could not swim well, managed to escape the watery cave depths with no casualties. They then decided to check in with the allied hobgoblin Gruff Gruff tribe who needed a giant slain. They slew it, one casualty, Friend The Zombie.
Adventuring Tip: People who can not breathe underwater should probably not try to adventurer there.

Session Title : Chapter 05: Dealing with True Beauty
Session Date : 03 May 2021 @ 17:00 UTC
Session GM : Waylander

“Leader” and “Scout” Babel (Rogue 4)
“Cartographer”, “Chronicler” and “Trailblazer” Barry (Fighter 2/Cleric 1)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 4)
Gorstag (Grave Warden 4) with Friend The Zombie.

Barry and group decide to buy tool in Port Mirandia for monstrous humanoids at shipwreck. Barry and group go east. Meet Merchant Sam. Merchant Sam has wondrous amulet Barry buy to honor Tempus. Group buy stuff. Barry and group go east to shipwreck. Barry shout Omram and captain come to shore. Captain Omram happy with tool.

Barry and group drink ale before going in cave. Barry very unhappy. Barry and group explore again to make sure no fish people in place Barry look before. Then Barry cry inside as Barry and group stupidly go down in water hole. Barry and group see dim lights glowing underwater. Barry feel current try to push him slightly. Barry barely see structures underwater.

Barry and group find fish people and they attack us. Barry hate fighting underwater. Barry throw so hard he exhaust himself severely. Bird Babel help Barry get back to air. Thank you Bird Babel. Goblin Dakka Doon nearly drown too. Barry and group not want to go back. Barry think people who can breathe water should come here.

Barry and group go back to Port Mirandia. Barry need sleep. Sleep for two day. Barry and group think about going back to water cave, and think it bad idea. Barry and group decide to go see Gruff Gruff tribe of hobgoblins east of shipwreck and cave.

Barry and group talk to Rick of Gruff Gruff tribe. Hobgoblin Rick ask Barry and group to kill a giant that is stopping mining east of tribe. Barry and group spend night with Gruff Gruff tribe.

Barry and group go east. Barry and group find open mine with cowering hobgoblins and unhappy wolves. Bird Babel talk to cowering hobgoblins who say giant sleep in tent. Barry and group approach tent. Unhappy wolves attack.

Unhappy wolves wake giant who smash Goblin Dakka Doon. Barry throw many time at wolves as they surround Friend The Zombie. Unholy Gorstag does evil magic to giant, also help Goblin Dakka Doon while Bird Babel does weird mind things to giant. Barry happy Bird Babel helped him breathe but he find Bird Babel scariest. Giant die. Friend The Zombie die too but Gorstag say he make new.

Barry and group return to Gruff Gruff tribe, tell them giant dead. They happy. Barry and group spend night with Gruff Gruff then return to Port Mirandia with no problem.