DM: Calmseeker

Party: Yatari, Murdrum, Gargot, Glanfath, Twee, Tenfoll’at, Zugall, Oros

Mission: Build the Briarwall Bypass Extension

Day 1: We left from Ruined Oak and travel for the most part was peaceful. Camp was also uneventful.

Day 2: Road building started and then five slivers descended upon us. One of them said something but I didnt quite catch it. Fortunately like everything else I have faced, they did not survive my unrelenting attacks with Andammer and my party of course. After we set up camp a dead drow was found hanging from a tree. He had a note in his pocket that said he was some sort of traitor. The rest of the night was peaceful.

Day 3: Morning followed the typical routine of Yatari explaining the necessary procedures of committing to a buddy system using soap or some other ‘useful’ information. We then continued the road building project which was rather uneventful. We ran into a bear that was attacking a mother and child whom we rescued just in time. We ran into Officer Quarters of the Moonbrook Alliance and he said that he got separated from some of his family during a bad rainstorm. The ones we had saved earlier happened to be the family members he was missing. For our help he gave us some information about the area. He has noticed that certain slivers that they have been referring to sliver lords are a bit stronger but not quite a queen. He also said that he was feeling some tremors underfoot and to watch out for something to come from the ground. The rest of the day was uneventful other than the wereboar we killed. We set camp and it was uneventful.

Day 4: We met a monk woman named Minari who is from the Monastary of the Rushing Stream which is east of Ruined Oak about two days away. There was a statue built there recently by Ki-rin or of Ki-rin. A few more hours down the road we ran into a giant worm of a creature. I can not explain what it is but Yatari claims it is a Neolithid or something. After a tough fight we managed to bring it down. It swallowed Oros but he managed to finish it from the inside bursting out like a mad orc. Camp was uneventful.

Day 5: On this morning we continued building the road and came upon some bandits. They were dispatched and we continued on. Later during camp I spotted some undead. They were dealt with accordingly and we managed to finish the rest of the night peacefully.

Day 6: We finished the bypass and started for the return back to Ruined Oak. Travel was peaceful.