TLDR: After some trouble on the way we found a note from Destras sisters about some ruin where the river meets the ocean. When we arrived at the town bug-people were destroying the town and we followed them to Destras place where they trapped her. After getting rescued by Ardenns ingenuity after the fight going poorly we regrouped, freed one of Destras guards and killed the bugs.

Session Title: Supply the needy
Session DM: Omelette
Session Date: 27 May 22 – 14 Jun 22


  • Yvalyn (Warlock 3) (cici)
  • Ardenn (Rogue 3) (Mal)
  • Beralt (Blood Hunter 4) (Espada)
  • Galli (Wizard 4) (tiffthatsit)
  • Raq (Swordmage 2) (Qarlynd)
  • Slissezh (Warlock 3) (TheOddity)

We were asked by Merula to deliver supplies to a town in the Small folk forest. They were delivered to us by a dwarf named Borax. Never trust him! The wagon he delivered were of bad quality and broke not far from Port Mirandia and we had to spend hours fixing it before we could continue. Fortunately my magical might was enough to mend the wagon, so we needed not to go back to fix the wagon. I guess I also have to mention that it was a team effort and Galli removed the wheels and we all helped and did it together or something.

The next problem we faced not long after when we were camping for the night. Bandits, some of whom apparently had a death wish, tried to sneak up on us. Luckily Ardenn managed to spot the idiot before she and her men could surprise us, and despite obviously being inferior she were determined to die. After quickly killing her and some of her lackeys the rest finally managed to user their small brains and fled.

The next problem was to transport the wagon on a small forest path. They should really put some effort in to make a proper road if they want more supplies delivered.

Next night our sleep were disturbed by a ghostly deer that did nothing (why Raq had to wake us up is beyond me). In the morning the ghost disappeared and I left some mushrooms on a corpse that had a potion and a note. What the ghost was and what it had to do with corpse I don’t know. But, unsurprisingly, Destras enemies wants her dead. I’m sure I will be force on another mission in the future to follow up on this.

Why the world is determined to make my life a misery I do not know, but I think it has something to do with the book I found. Anyway when we finally reached the village and the mission should’ve been finished we arrived to a mess of bug people destroying the villages. Apparently they had nothing better to do. They had been destroying for no apparent purpose for a couple of days and Destra hadn’t been seen for about the same time.

When they left the town we followed them to Destras home and noticed they had barricaded the door to her house and were standing guards outside. Some in our group decided that the best thing to do was to walk up to the door and ignoring the bugs, thinking that they’ll not harm anyone since they did not do that in the town. But surprisingly they jumped out and attacked us and the fight did not go in our favor. After briefly losing my consciousness (don’t understand why this keeps happening, the book is supposed to protect me. But it seems to have something to do with something called humility) I woke up and another bigger bug was commanding the other bugs attention, that allowed us to flee. I learned later that it was Ardenn who was disguised as the bigger bug.

After spending the night regrouping and Yvalyns spying through raven let us know that the bug-things had some kind of boss that were not happy but left again. We came up with the plan to lure them away and remove the barricade from the door and hopefully get help from Destras guards. The plan worked flawlessly as Ardenn once again disguised as a big bug and led them away. Raq and Beralt opened the door and with a powerful ally we managed to slay the bugs when they came back. The Guard promised to take care of the bugs if any more would show up. And he shed some light on the note we found before saying:

“This letter is from Hastro and Histro. They are Lady Destra’s elder sisters. I can only guess as to the intended receiver of the letter to be either Gringal or Slavier, her brothers.”
“If you follow the river north, to where it meets the ocean. There should be one [ruin] off the coast.”

We left them and finally we had some luck as we managed to get home without any trouble.