DM: Calmseeker

Murdrum / Sorcerer 5, Warlock 2 (@Drewid)
Cedric / Fighter 5 (@Waylander)
Astray / Rogue 2, Warlock 5 (@Kage)
Tenfoll’at / Warlock 1, Wizard 8 (@Fearless)
Oros / Paladin 2, Bard 4 (@kudolink)

Summary for the impatient:

  • Finishing a bridge near the Jubai Wastes
  • Fighting of several different creatures
  • Meet Earl Sitaris on our way back

Section 1: Heading out of Ruined Oak
We are leaving Ruined Oak with foreman Philford and a group of 40 workers. Moving northwards on the road we see a flock of pegasi flying northeast in the direction of the Briar Forest.
The weather is relatively warm for April and we make some good progress on our way this day. Towards the evening we find some collars and leashes that seem to fit medium or small sized creatures. However there are no tracks to be found in the area.

Section 2: Nightwatch and the next day
During the night a broken wand faintly associated with conjuration magic is found.
Continuing our travels the next day a dead halfling body can be found around noon. The corpse looks to be torn apart by something and is dead for probably a few days already.
We are being woken up during the next night as a black bear is found munching on a dead body. It appears tobe a dead goliath. Oros shoos away the bear and Murdrum creates a grave for the dead body.

Section 3: Arriving at the river
Continuing on the road we see a pool of what is most likely blood. There are also some mushrooms that might create some hallucinations when digested.
Getting closer to the river Astray hears some wolves in the distance and Oros is able to hunt an elk tonight.

Section 4: Beginning the construction of the bridge
During the next day we see a rhinoceros nearby and a herd of 15 goats. To spice things up a bit we are also greeted by some crocodiles from the river. As Murdrum, in a flash of genius, created some sort of fortification around the area we are able to repell the crocodiles without any trouble.
Towards the evening we are attacked by some plesiosaurus from the river and are able to fight them off as well.

Section 5: Another night
As we are enjoying the cooked plesiosaurus meat we find some animal tracks from hyenas and see giant vulture. We are definitely out in the wilds!
On the next day we are visited by a group of bugbears and some worgs. They want our gold and apparently are very interested in our food as well. Unable to find a diplomatic solution we have to defend ourselves against them.

Section 6: 3/5 done of bridge
During all these events our workers are continuing the construction of the bridge and are more than halfway done by now.
During the rest of the day we find a stone well nearby and a very very large strawberry that could house a small creature.
Towards the evening a large boar is found near our camp. Tenfoll’at levitates the creature! Levitates it! Without a fair fight we are then able to kill it.

Section 7: Water Elementals
Before the night we are met by a group of Water Elementals who are not pleased that we build a bridge here. Not all of them seem to be unreasonable but one still wants to fight and so we  send them back to one of these other planes.  After an uneventful night our bridge is almost finished.

Section 8: Hags
During the next day we notice a sulfurous smell and see 3 women who shout for our workers to help them cross the bridge. They transform into hags who seem to be similar to sea hags but as there is no sea nearby I suppose they are river hags??
During the night our watch witnesses a meteor falling down somewhere in the north.

Section 9: Finishing the bridge
As the bridge is finally constructed we are beginning to head back to Ruined Oak.  On our way we find an abandoned house and some burnt ground at a different location.
During one of these nights we meet Earl Sitaris in a carriage drawn by flaming horses. He asks us if we can bring him to Ruined Oak as he has some business with Duririmor. He assures us that he cannot enter Ruined Oak without an invitation as he is bound by some sort of ancient vampire law. Nothing else happens until we reach back Ruined Oak.