DM: Waylander
Players: #1 Fearless / Imogène / Fighter 3
#2 RCB / Aodh / Barbarian 3
#3 Tootired78 / Barren / Sorcerer 2
#4 Nick / Amber / Cleric 4
#5 Genthrock / Kirnis / Warlock 3
#6 Mutis / Gorstag / Grave Warden 4
Date: 13:05:2021

It started simple, with 6 sheep slowing us down.
The day was an uneventful.
With a rabbit caught by Barren and being assissted by Imogene the meal fed the whole group.

The night was uneventful.
The next day we made out way to the goblin village. We met the Hobgoblin chieftan we went to look for 2 lost goblins to the northern hills of the village.

While tracking them down we stumbled upon wolf tracks, and when we reached the Wolfs cave inside we found Werebat goblins, as well as wolfs.
After we fought them we found a tunnel leading 1200 ft. deep leading down to what we presumed was the underdark.
Going back to the village we brought the 2 bodies and went to look for a giant.
The giant Grog wante us to leave even tho Imogene made a pretty convincing argument.
We fought him, killed him and found a circle that was locking a door in his cave leading down.
We stayed in the village and slept through the night.
The night was uneventful.
The next day we went back to PM.