Kaladin The Halfling
A Little taller than Average
Javelins on his back, ragged armor
Small deep gnome with a large staff, a green glow surrounds and moves with him
Half-elf guy, very slight tan, long white hair, grimson and black mage robes
Hobgoblin with a fancy hat
Nalkris, Spring Eladrin with his jet black raven, Avarace, upon his shoulders
“Will help anyone who gets into a tough spot during battle”
-Introductionary quote
-Growling introductionary quote
“Sleeping is not consent”
-Said upon GarGot waking him roughly
“What a waste!”
-Said upon second time his counter spell was counter spelled
-Said whenever bear-form GarGot moved him into range, as Tenfoll’at rode upon GarGot’s bear-back
“Want me to conjure you up to tackle the Kitty?”
Asked to GarGot, as the big-teethed Kitty wouldn’t come down from the tree
The Cast

Let me tell you the story of GarGot, the Kitty Tackler!

It started, when Tenfoll’at had organized a party to go to the portal, using the ZHT stone to explore that unknown area some more, with a heading of north by north-east, to see if we would be able to run into something interesting, or familiar, travelling in a straight line.

Besides myself and Avarace, the expedition was also joined by GarGot, whom shall soon be known as the Kitty Tackler, but also Griters, Murdrum and Kaladin the kill-stealer.

The first part of the journey was very uneventful, we reached the portal south by south-east of Ruined Oak quickly, got the LAS stones from the representative from town, while he put in the stones to send us to ZHT.

Upon our arrival, it was freezing cold, and Kaladin looked quite worse for wear, but we quickly set out, the cold chillful winds was no place to sit and recover from a little portal sickness, and headed north by north-east, as I looked out for danger, with Avarace assisting me.

After a few hours of travel, I noticed a faint distance chanting was carried to us on the wind, sounding like someone invoking a magic incantation, so upon telling the rest, we all became alert and started tracking the sound, and soon we interrupted a group of what we later identified as orc shamans or other spellcasters, who had awoken foul ghouls or ghasts to serve them, and was apparently trying to create more servants, when we interrupted them.

GarGot transformed into a large black bear, and Tenfoll’at got upon his back, to charge into combat, while I merged with Avarace to quickly reached the front of the battle as well, the others was not slow to follow either, and soon a big storm of sleet was conjured to knock down our enemies and immobilize them, so we could more easily pick them off one at a time, a brilliant move by my companions.

Unfortunately, Avarace, as he tried to distract opponents to make them less able to avoid my spells, ended up being killed by a ghoul, and I felt the burning hatred awaken in me, as always when someone kills Avarace, and while I loudly proclaimed that ghoul was mine to kill, Kaladin spoiled my fun and killed the ghoul before I could, much to my disappointment and anger, at least in the movement.

After dispatching of these hostile necromantic orc shamans, we found their hiding place, and some fine golden jewelry and some magical horseshoes.
We went a bit away and rested for the night, but besides a bunch of snow slowly landing upon our Tiny Hut, and some arctic foxes playing in the snow next to it during my watch, nothing much happened during the night, and we continued our journey North by North East for another day.

Here we encountered a horde of Yaks, and giving GarGot some feed from my bag of holding, GarGot was able to lure one of them close and magically communicate with it, and almost befriend it, at least temporarily, and study its form, learning how to mimic its shape with his animal form magic that also allowed him to turn into a bear the day before.

Few hours before nightfall, we found tracks of giants. Or well, we believe them to be the tracks of giants, but was not entirely sure, and while I and one other of my companions desired to follow the tracks, the majority wanted to continue with our primary mission and travelled further North by Norht-east, so we abandoned the tracks, and can only speculate of the owners of the tracks.

The next day, we travelled a bit east before heading South by South-west, to get back towards the portal, not yet having encountered anything familiar, but feeling we shouldn’t travel more than 2 full days of travel out into this mostly unexplored area, without going back to give a status report and share our knowledge in Ruined Oak at least, so travelling a bit east of our original path, we ventured towards home.

Towards evening on our first day of travelling back, we encountered a distance herd of hunting wolves, and could still hear their distance howls shortly before we made camp.

I decided to test how dangerous this pack would be, and using the gift of Armor of Agathys, I merged once again with Avarace and flew out, luring and tricking one of the wolves into attacking me, and while its bit did land strongly on me and hurt, the wolf instantly died from the frost of the magical armor surrounding me, without even breaking it entirely. There was still a dozen more wolves, whom wisely decides to change direction and flee into the night, allowing me to return to camp and feel the danger the wolves posed to us was next to none.

The next day was more eventful; first we encountered a herd of a type of creature that might been the cousins of Elk, with Antlers that almost looked furry or hairy, was hard to make out, as they quickly got jitterish and fleed from us, before GarGot could once again befriend one of them.

A little while later, I spotted a feline creature stalking up in the trees, following the direction of the fleeing herd of Elf-like creatures; This feline creature was big, much bigger than a house cat, and had long canine teeth that petruded from its mouth, making for one dangerous looking bite.
GarGot, a lover of animals, once again tried to lure this beast we encountered down, but it just looked down at him with disdain, and as I saw GarGot look broken hearted and disappointed when he was unable to lure the kitty down to study and befriend it, I offer him magical assistance to send him up there in a flash to tackle the kitty., which GarGot happily and quickly accepted.

And boy, balancing on a narrow tree branch, jumping towards this hostile very agile and adapt predator that was the kitty, GarGot still nearly managed to tackle it, but as it avoided his tight grip in the last second and bit GarGot in response, GarGot’s love of animals prevailed and he let the kitty escape.

Still, I feel his efforts was worth of note, and shall hereafter refer to him as the Kitty Tackler, unless I can talk him into tackling something more impressive another time

After that, rest of our trip was wholely uneventful, we reached the portal, put in the LAS stones, and travelled back to Ruined Oak and returned the LAS stones to their keeper, and sold and split our treasure.