Grandmother's House

Civilize the Mind

Snake Eyes


War Room

Meet up was smooth, all players on time. No brief but strategy was sound, mission start time 2227 hours. Acquisition of destination markers by Indy, transpo no issues.

Insertion into theatre was loud, unknown welcome party. Magnet, Blush, Vandal broke from main and set up counter surveillance. Welcome party identified as Cozy Forward.

Jack, Indy met with Cozy forward, identified as neutral, and requisitioned for follow on mission by Heartbeat.


Atlas, Blush, Vandal joined welcome party, green lit for follow on. Magnet remained in counter surveillance for follow on mission: Operation Thanksgiving.

To Grandmother's house

Follow mission: Operation Thanksgiving

Heartbeat provided history of Grandmother. All intel inaccurate when compared to non biased reporting. Heartbeat identified as bad informant. Will identify new target on future mission to Park.

D+3 arrive at woods to Grandmother’s house. Heartbeat seen to have no bearing, easy read. Travel through woods had no surprises and arrived at front steps of Grandmother’s house green lit for entry. Identified front door previously forced open, easy entry. Indy pontificated prior entry of Illithid via downed Nautiloid vehicle. Indy and Vandal compromised by foreign object, request medical inspect at debrief.

Grandmother's House

Dinner Party

Indy interrupted when Atlas shrugged. Several outliers attempted intrusion and capture of Odoath.

Vandal conversed with new player, Main Course.

Main Course

Seen to have great capacity for speech, little capacity for executing surprise tactics. Vandal easily countered Heartbeat. Cozy forward was not privy to surprise tactics. Also, questionable on any military training.

Dinner party started. Messy servings and confusion on seating arrangement. All sides easily digested over time but Main Course was not consumed. Heartbeat was served and consumed. Odoath tucked in.

Long drive home

Exfil from Grandmother’s house had no surprise guests. Compromised transpo meant black Cadilac reroute. Magnet reported no snoopy. Easy trek to War Room. Debrief scheduled for 0532 D+5.