DM: Calmseeker

Date: February 11, 2023 – March 3, 2023

  • Gergonin             Dragonborn       Warlock 2           (ZomBChucky)
  • Killian                   Orc                         Barbarian 3         (Hollowman)
  • Shargram            Orc                         Barbarian 1         (The Oddity)
  • Yvalyn                  Elf                           Warlock 4            (Cici)
  • Merana                Elf                           Wizard 2              (Omelette)
  • Benedikt              Human                 Paladin 3             (Naiiz)
  • Ardenn                 Kor                         Rogue 4                (Mal)

Day 1

I arrived at the tavern a little too early as no one is there. I accidently drink too much and missed out when my group leaves. Workers have gathered in the tavern to build a road along the coast to the northeast of WMC. The foreman enters the tavern and introduces himself to the people who are new. “Hello. My name is Foreman Philford. We are gathering adventurers to help protect workers that will build the road to the northeast.” At least that’s what they told me later.

I catch up late in the evening, too late to help hunt or skin the deer, Ardenn does a “okay” job skinning the deer, but I could have done a better job if I wasn’t hung over and tired from running all morning and afternoon. On the first night, wolves visited the camp, but I just did not have it in me socialize with the pack.  A decision I would later regret. 

Day 2

The foreman tells the party, “We’ll begin making preparations to start building the road.”

“As usual, please do what you can to protect us from any monsters or enemies that usually tend to appear.” The workers get ready

Uneventful day

The workers settle into their camps to get some rest before starting work tomorrow.

*The sun begins to set*

Gergonin talks about necromancy, which is weird. “Necromancy, you say. Sounds rather interesting, if I do say so myself. I don’t quite believe I have any scrolls or tomes on the subject, though it doesn’t mean I couldn’t acquire such knowledge. Maybe we’ll both unlock it’s secrets!” Gergonin nods to Yvalyn and proceeds to patrol the perimeter of the camp. Making sure no foul creatures try to take them by surprise. Yvalyn doesn’t seem weird, she had a normal response to kill the monsters”Oh, don’t be silly. I don’t want to learn necromancy. I want to wipe it from the face of existence.” Yvalyn smiled serenely as Lawrence flapped his wings and crowed ominously, and went back to reading her book.

Day 3

The workers gather themselves to begin working on the road.

Once the party is ready, Foreman Philford gives the order to begin building the road.

During the morning, Ardenn sees the shattered remnants of a porcelain tea set frame and a wagon stuck in a rut. Merana and Benedikt are able to sift through the wreckage of the wagon. It looks like it has been here for years, with the salty sea air corroding the wood. They find a porcelain tea pot, a golden locket worth 25 gp, and stray coins worth 100 cp, 50 sp and 5 gp, which is nice.

Once the wagon has been searched, the workers continue building the road.

Around noon, Ardenn sees five figures approaching from the north. There appears to be a pair of aasimars and 3 young children that look like angels with wings. The children look like the type of angelic beings depicted commonly in paintings.

They approach the party. One of the two aasimar is a red-haired female aasimar with an air of haughtiness and a smile that does not seem to reach her eyes. She cheerfully calls out in a tone that sounds like she is singing a high-pitched song, “Hey there! My name is Anthia Valentine. Would you be interested in buying these chocolates and flowers to try and court your future lovers?”

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The other one is a male aasmiar with blond hair and a look of annoyance. He is carrying a backpack. “Hey. I’m Motohal Valentine. I’m the husband. I carry the chocolates and flowers,” he mutters. I asked a simple question about the chocolates and Anthia got all upset.  Motohal steps in. “Yes, the chocolate is modified to taste sweeter. I will now recount the story of how I met my wife through anecdotes that are lengthy and involve friends that are indirectly connected to this story.” Motohal tells a boring story about plays or something. During this time,  Merana figures out there is magic infused in the chocolate that has tried to be concealed. This makes me mad, she totally lied to my face! Merana and Benedikt’s see a magical disguise covering Anthia, which Merana recognizes that Anthia is a green hag. Also, the cupidys are actually fairies and not celestials. Motohal is a doppelganger. And of course we fight the disgusting liars. During the battle Yvalyn shot a blast of magic at a cupidy fairy, making it explode in the air like a bomb. Then Yvalyn smashed Motohoal to death with her Spiritual Weapon, very nice. Ardenn kills TWO fairies, but I’m doing a lot of damage also…. And taking a lot of damage. Shargram hacked down the hag with his Handaxe which killed the hag. As the axe thuds into her chest, she gives one last screech and collapses to the ground in a pool of her own blood.

After the battle, Shargram and I are able to hunt down a boar big enough to feed everyone for the day. I’ve cooked better, I just distracted and burnt the meat, but it was still edible.

Day 4ish

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In the middle of the night Merana wakes us up to point out some weird elf guy with memory problems.

He called himself Entos a sellsword. He had scribbly tattoos, but not cool bear ones like me. I don’t know if I’d hire someone with memory problems. What if he started attacking you mid-battle or forgot to fight all together. Some necromancer killed his wife, a pity. He called the necromancer Serpens and had a white mask. I’d gladly kill this monster and it seems that Yvalyn had similar sentiments.  Entos left us with a cryptic message about the past or something, elves are soooo uppity.

Later in the day, we came across some fun persimmons. Merana, Shargram and I eat the persimmons and have hilarious effects.  Merana levitated, Shargram lost his hair, and I communicated via bubbles. I grabbed 2 persimmons to use later in my cooking.

As we wandered and kept a look out, we came across 4 drakes, 1 winged and 3 not…. Ugh stupid dragons wannabes, I knew this was going to be a fight.A picture containing reptile, dinosaur

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This was a tough battle I went down 2 or 3 times Benedikt went down, but always got back up.  A back and forth battle I snagged a drake along with Benedikt and Shargram, I lost who got the fourth one during the fray.

After the battle I cooked a fantastic drake kebab that everyone but Benedikt enjoyed, what a jerk! It was sooooo good, but he just ate a ration. The audacity of some people.

Day 5

The next day snowed more than the 4th and it marginally affected our travel.

I got a turkey and potatoes and created the best baked loaded turkey potatoes you could ever eat!

Day 6

Merana again found something, she’s always finding things… she maybe lucky in that sense. She found a well at BY35 and it had fantastic water so much that if filled my waterskin with it, but Merana said it wouldn’t be that refreshing for long.

At the sandy beach we came across 7 axe beaks. They were skiddish as they usually are, but I convinced them to listen to my heroic tales of snake apples that eat you, pumpkins not to eat. They loved the stories I could just tell. Merana and I hoped to convince one or them all to travel with us, but they seemed cold towards strangers. One day I’ll get a furry or feather travel companion.