Bridge Building!!

DM: Calmseeker

Party: Katla (Leader)                        Lysing                        Marcus

Eight (Scout)                                      Naal                          Nog

Shrieker (Trailblazer)                      

Off to the Site!

A large group of adventurers and seasoned workers departed south of Ruined Oak along the river to the east side of the water. We made it to the base of where the bridge will be built with no issues, just a random campfire here and there.

More Birds??....

We had some friendly giant eagles come down to see us during the first day of building. The lead eagle went by the name of, Aquilius, he gave us some recent updates of the area.  He said around a day or so prior to us getting to the area they spotted a group of orcs heading to the Sout West with symbols of bronze blades on their banners, some people mentioned they were of a specific clan but my small bird brain can’t remember what they went by…. The Eagles also mentioned about Wyverns in the area. They finally told us that they will be migrating to the North to a mountain range, guest due to winter….must be some migrating thing….

More Fliers?! WOW!!

Shortly after talking to the eagles, we Eight saw some flying draconic creatures heading towards our way. I immediately took my bow out and started shooting from long distances away. After some time, the creatures all fell with everyone in the group being so powerful and thanks to some fierce strong winds of Mr. Lysing they fell out of the sky quiet easily!

Poor Soul...

On our watch, Shrieker and Marcus  found a dead hanging male human on a noose with a strange bronze sword on his stomach, showed the others the next morning and they think it has something to do with the bronze orcs that the Eagles mentioned earlier yesterday.

Stange Magical Letters.....

The next day we came across a pole with a letter on it in Dwarvish text saying:

The newest password to the ORGY is “Ygggrrro.”

The pole had abjuration magic on it but once Katla said the last word in dwarvish it de-magicked the magical essence on the pole…. Stange island this is….

So Many Dead Bodies!!

As the workers advanced we came across a brutal sacrifice in the area the road would be built….. there was a massive pool of blood with humanoid bodies that looked like 7 Orcs 6 Kobolds, and 2 Half-Orcs. Upon further investigation they seemed to be all killed by the blade of swords at their necks. When members looked over their bodies for more hints they found a leather patch with the following writing on it in infernal….

Extra sacrifices to prove to the fiend of our resolve for vengeance.

Katla believed this had something to do with the orcs or someone named Cromwell…. Not sure on either of these….

A Familiar Friend??....

Once we got back to more construction, Eight saw a human approach. He told the group that the gentleman went by Roshutto, he creates items that age people in order to help something about his sister. He sells wares that age individuals along with potions that age people. We asked about the dead bodies we saw earlier and he mentioned about orcs summoning a devil and that may have something to do with it…. Eight mentioned about a group adventuring to a fountain of aging and something to do with dragons and giants and that the fountain was destroyed or something…. Something about someone or something named Leonid….hmmm… he seemed saddened that the fountain was destroyed as he never got a chance to visit it…,. he mentioned of a Semi-lich that is potentially near the Speckhome Glade where this fountain is…..

Known Enemies Return!!!

Eight sees a group of hooded figures chanting something over a table with a dead dog on the table. They seemed to be Brazen Blades, the same that helped Grimmy and his followers help capture WMC. As we got closer we saw a fiendish creature be summoned.  They attacked us and over time they all fell… Shrieker missed quiet a bit in this battle but got the killing blow on the summoned creature!!

Walls, a Cottage and a Gravestone!

 and Eight on the next day spots a lonely standing wall left over from a ruins with an exotic language. He informs the group, and we find out it is in draconic. The text read:

“I have created a construct that can split into five parts. Perhaps I can sell the plans to fund further research. It could be enough to pay back my debts. If only I can control its power, or I fear I will have to seal my finest creation away…Exogol”

Further in the day Eight spots a singular house and we head up to it, Shrieker knocks on the door and see a strange halfling man with a mask speak in celestial. He was the man that posted the letter on the pole we saw the other day. He said the sign referred to The Organization for Yeasting. The man goes by Tobaggins. There were several other halflings as well as dwarves and gnomes that were kneading dough into bread and maturing beer. He told us about the large snapping turtle with the exotic yeast that is harvestable on the turtles shell, same that Shrieker has seen before. He tells us about the orc that we just dealt with yesterday and that they are pretty much disbanded now due to their leader being killed.

Later in the day Eight spots out an old gravestone, it had draconic writing on it that said:

“Exogol Diamantes. Creator of constructs that perished by his own creations.”

We assumed that the person who we read about earlier in the day apparently died. The party for some reason wanted to dig the grave up… the uncovered a coffin and Katla felt a magical effect take hold of her, she saw a pretty much fully decomposed skeleton in the coffin. 

Strange Metalic Being....

The battle took a bit to take it down as it kept disconnecting form it parts…. 😉

Stopping Construction.....

We had the Workers pause where we were at and decided to head back home for now… lots of progress to the road south. Teh trip back to Ruined Oak was rather uneventfull.