Session Title : An Autumn Excursion
Session GM : Calmseeker
Session Date : 01 Dec 2021 @ 00:10 UTC

•”Leader” and “Trailblazer” Bardy (Bard 13/Cleric 1) with Sisyphus the Pegasus
•”Scout” Eight (Monk 14/ Wizard 2)
•”Chronicler” Katla (Fighter 8)
Lysing (Sorcerer 11)
Naal (Fighter 14/ Wizard 1)

I, Katla Gyrdottir, and several others set out to improve more of the infrastructure on the island. Myself, Lysing, Naal, Eight, Bardy, and Bardy’s pegasus summon Sisyphus were the adventuring group. We were accompanied by a group of workers lead by one foreman Philford.

The first day was fairly uneventful except in the evening when we found a case full of bottles of wine. Upon magical inspection it bore all the signs of one of the cursed items of aging scattered around the island. Sisyphus triggered the curse but did not seem unduly affected. I expressed my displeasure over the abundance of the items on the island and Lysing made the comment “Seems Katla is filled with more whine than the crate.” I was not amused and replied with “When it comes to cursed items, yes I am filled with more whine.” I spent the evening watch practicing my celestial with Sisyphus and it was otherwise uneventful.

The second day was simply another day of traveling, though there was one of the native wild magic surges in the evening.

The third day we make it to the bridge site where foreman Philford, along with Bardy and Lysing, inspected the bridge site. It had been abandoned for some time but seemed to be in good condition for them most part. Lysing seemed strangely familiar with the minutia of building a bridge even though I would never have guessed he had building experience. We stay the evening at the nearby outpost.

The fourth day had two events of import happen. The first was a cottage that had not been there the day before became visible near the bridge site. Me and Lysing inspected the cottage, finding signs of it being abandoned for some time, as well as broken wands on the ground. Lysing said perhaps the cottage was related to hags in the nearby swamp. I am not sure I believe him given his overly flippant and mocking personality but it bears mentioning. Not to long afterwards a band of bugbears approached the site. They appeared to be a band of quite strong slavers, not a typical roving gang. They wanted to take the workers as slaves, it is unknown if it was for some specific purpose. The rest of the day passed without incident and we rested at the outpost again.

The fifth day from Ruined Oak (the second of building) had two things happen, though I was not present for the first. The rest of the party met with Earl Sitaris, a vampire I had delivered messages for in the past. I am just fine not meeting with him again so it was convenient that I was assisting the builders with my telekinesis at the time. Sitaris asked them to deliver a message and spoke about a crazed Tiefling who was experimenting with turkeys, Deprius I believe. A few hours after he had left said tiefling appeared, along with some mage and four large muscular bipedal turkeys. He was obviously crazed and wanted human flesh, Lysing offered to sell me for 500 gold pieces. I believe he was joking but I was still greatly displeased over the matter. It soon devolved to violence however, as these matters seem to, The birds, while unusually strong for turkeys, were not a significant challenge. We stayed another night at the outpost in peace.

The sixth day we were visited by Roschutto, the man who spreads the cursed items of aging across the island. The parts of the conversation I found important were that the fountain of aging was in fact not north of ZHT as the note of Cromwell’s that I found stated, but southwest of some mountains near Port Mirandia. I had been planning to investigate so the information was welcome. The second part is the symbol that should attached to new merchandise of his, displayed hereafter.

Later in the the day my psychic abilities began to get uncomfortable, leaving me unable to focus much. The ground rumbled and from the earth erupted a foul abomination, a taboo to even the most cursed of creatures, a neolithid. A disgusting mindflayer tadpole grown to incredible sizes by eating its fellows, its existence taboo even amongst its foul kin. Easily over 20 feet in length tentacles stretched from its mouth seeking prey. We engaged the creature when things took a turn for the worse, due to the psychic interference I lost focus completely, a deadly thing in mortal combat. It struck and swallowed me whole, an experience I am unfortunately familiar with. Thankfully my armor is adamantine and my clothes have an enchantment of mending upon them so I was not naked upon my eventual escape. While it felt long and was grueling in reality it was not longer than half a minute that I was in its stomach. It seemed to be disabled at some point and fell to the ground. It was then Naal heaved open its mouth and walked in to haul me out. Upon my rescue I see the devastation in the area, Bardy on Sisyphus and Lysing both flying above. While their overly flippant attitudes can rankle me at times, there is no denying the skill they posses. The many strikes across its body, its disabled state near the end (which I learned later was Eight disrupting the creatures Ki), and the arcane damage around stand as proof of it. I begin to cut open its stomach, seeking treasure, when it came up that this was the third time I had been swallowed by a giant creatures. This amused Lysing who coined the term “Katlafication” to refer to people being eaten by monsters. This did not amuse me but everyone else found it humorous. We finish out the day and sleep at the outpost.

The sixth day we found a “dragon tree” nearby, apparently a very dangerous plant. Its only real weakness is its slow speed so we kept a fair distance and whittled it down. It was an acid variant if that matters. The builders finish the bridge and we spend the night at the outpost once again.

The seventh day we head back, dragging the tree behind the carts. Nothing of note happened for the next day or so of travel.

On the eighth night as we approached Ruined Oak we found a tree with giant glowing bananas. Knowing Nog would appreciate eating one I pick it. Lysing mocks me again saying me touching things is why I get eaten all the time. My patience tried and tested, we entered ruined oak safely.