by Geokhan| 6-May-2022 |

Tl;dr: Completion of second outpost post between Ruined Oak and the Jub Jub while fighting off waves of creatures

Future Adventure Notes:
•There is a powerful warrior challenging folks for some unknown purpose, was in the possession of a Mirror Shard?
•Mercenaries left over from the Grimmy War are starting to become a problem.
•Are undead lurking in the radiation zone?

Session Title: An outpost worth fighting for
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 06 Apr 2022 @ 00:10 UTC
Session Risk: 6 Incapacitated is likely, Death is a potential.

Vivi (Pile of cloths with an intense dry cycle) (played by Konopa)
Coral (Guy with a bow) (played by Geokhan)
Damian (Flying healing dispenser) (played by Waylander)
Prof Babel  (Ant studier with a mean shadow blade) (played by Troy)
Barley (Old man with the disposition of a badger) (played by Tootired78)

Well as a junior member of Pebble Toss Incorporated (PTI) I was dispatch to help build up the trade infrastructure to the East while the Boss and some of the other members were out conducting trade missions https://sleeperisland.eu/pti-trade-report/

Location of the Outpost

Day 1, Traveling to the Outpost site we stopped at the first outpost and they reported finding a very life-like dog statue which they had buried about 100 or so feet away from the outpost. (It seems this was a foreshadowing of the medusa that we encountered later), My advice is to always talk to the folk on the front line as every clue as to the dangers of the island can be invaluable.

We also saw many healthy boar and a pride of lions on the way to the outpost, I steered the group around the predators, so it took us a little longer to reach the outpost but I think it was worth it.

Day 2, We left out from the first outpost with a good nights rest. Along the way I asked the others in the party about the strange area that I had seen on the map which looks like a big burnt spot on the land. They said others had explored it in the past and that it was bad, causes mutations and such, and that recently a map was discovered indicating something of interest there. I believe Damian said that it would be a good place for undead to hide in. Well since we already had an objective and thinking we were not prepared for such a dangerous I lead the group onward to the outpost site.

Day 3, Work was going very well when a group of Hobgoblin mercenaries arrived and demanded a blood tribute. They were not associated with the BloodEye Clan and believed to be part of a mercenary group left over from the Grimmy Wars that had attacked some village to the east. Not in the mood to mess around with them and their insane demand I told them to either show their hand or be gone with themselves. They attacked and were quickly destroyed by the party.

Their attack seemed Suicidal so I figured they were being sacrificed to gauge our strengths and weakness. My suspicions would later on be proven correct.

Later that night and closer to morning a lady on horseback approached our camp. I was weary of her and asked Damian to speak with her as I thought he would be a better judge of character than I. The party allowed her to stay and she mentioned something about mirror shards or something but I was not in direct conversation with her. She also said that her name was Bethanna.


Day 4, As suspected the attack came as a flight of dragon approached from the south. They flew over the area that Barley had covered with plant growth bypassing the defenses. Spotting a wyvern in the group and having some experience with them in the past, I quickly boaster myself with protection of poison and begin firing at it to draw it to me. The rest of the party filled the sky with fire and took defensive positions. Except for Damian who suddenly bore wings and took flight to meet them head on.

It turned out that they were emerald dragon which according to Vivi and Prof Bable are general neutral in disposition. This lead me to believe that they were summoned or somehow under the control or influence of someone more powerful.

The battle was tough and one of the emerald dragons breath on me twice, I would have fallen to it first breath except for the healing of Damian. The breath leaves one very dazed and disoriented making it hard to fight. However despite the odds we managed to bring them all down and then recovered for the night.

Later that night Prof Bable spotted a life like cat statue I believe, however unlike a strange pair of boots and a strange well that he interacted with, (The well turn him into an actual bird for about an hour), he left the cat statue alone.

Day 5, 0r 6 they were beginning to blurring together by now we were approach by a merchant group on the way to the Jub Jub, we were able to offload some of the items we had collected from the battles and I was able to pick up a potion that lets you breath fire.

During the evening we were approached by a strange individual that was seeking a duel. We were hesitant so he unleased an assault against us consisting of a bone naga, a medusa, and some giant. The giant I was told by Barley later was the exact image of a member of AFK know as Zugal. Was this the magic of the mirror shard?

Futsunushi the Meditating Warrior

Barley quickly summoned a strange fog that blinded the enemy, yet we could see through. I took this opportunity to begin putting as many arrows as I could into Futsunushi, as I felt he was the leader and controlling the others. However this individual is very powerful and with one fell swoop he cut me down. He was gone when I came too, and I was glad. It seemed the group had dealt with the rest. We then rested for the night and then went to the Jub Jub’s for safety.

With the outpost completed I believe this will create more trading opportunities for PTI,