Tl;dr: A shrine to Morius was cleansed but the Urital cultists who desecrated it are still in the temple beyond.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The temple has yet to be cleared out of Urital cultists. A golden necklace with a spirit bound inside was found and is used as a key and required to enter something within, make sure to bring along.
•Fey mutated geese might signal a new fey problem.
•Continued time continuum issues, a merchant named Jaker was out of place in time.

Session Title : Decent into Maddness and other bedtime stories
Session DM : Geokahn
Session Date : 10 Dec 2021 @ 23:00 UTC

Characters :
Barry (Cleric 3/Fighter 5)
Katla (Fighter 9)
Nog (Fighter 8)
Nalkris (Warlock 8) with Avarace the Familiar
Marcus (Cleric 9)

Barry late for adventure, something about going to cleanse temple of undead, miss group meeting, hustle to find group. Barry find group inspecting some dead body on road. Barry pretend like Barry there whole time. Barry hear group talk about feathers and goose. Barry and group continue along road to be attacked by three-headed goose monstrosities. Goose much scarier than dangerous. Someone think goose mutated by fey, and Hob Nog seem different somehow, sing during night.

Morning come, Barry and group get close to river, meet Merchant Jaker, who looking for friend druid name Barley. Barry not know. Merchant Jaker seem confuse about how long ago this meeting was to be or when now is, confuse Barry too. Merchant Jaker did know good place to cross river, Barry thankful for that.

Barry and group cross river, move into hilly area, at some point see a lone hooded figure enter a cave tunnel. Barry and group follow, see that cave ceiling is open to sun, and enter cave. In cave, surrounded by sunlight is horrifying statue made from blood, on dais emitting river of blood. Many grave around. Someone say statue is Morius. Barry see hooded fellow is blind old man, muttering while tending flower bed. Cave entrance collapse after we enter.

Nog run by old man and then many cultist appear. Cultist leader demand Barry and group lay down arm, so Barry and group can be mercifully sacrificed to Urital. Barry and group refuse, and big long fight happen. Many arcane spell caster on dais hiding behind wall of force. Blood golem or elemental, Barry not know. Goblinoid with mind magic. Monstrosity and undead monstrosity. Spider thing.

Barry and group win, but old man help with magic. Old man angry Urital cultist defile shrine to Morius. Old man talk after fight, Barry understand better. Someone find book that name people in grave. Long ago the “Altist” fought the Yuan-ti and heroic fallen lay here. Old man caretaker of shrine, ask for Barry and group strength to perform one final ritual. Barry and group agree. Old man mutters again, but as he mutter, the blood begin to disappear, replace by gleaming gold statue and clear flow water. Old man collapse after ritual, dead.

After ritual, Barry and group hear voice come from statue. Voice say it spirit of Morius and that Barry and group have done great service this day. His power has waned but he leave one last gift. Barry and group with divine magic learn way to use magic against aberration, other get magic bracer. Barry and group tired after long fight, know more to do inside temple, can hear raging cultist, but cave entrance open again, decide to come back. Hope shrine stay clean. Before leave, Barry and group find gold necklace that magic of some kind.

Next day, on way back to Port Mirandia, Barry and group meet Monk Garden of Flowers. Barry suspicious, they know Barry and group clean temple but Monk Garden of Flowers say they have animal listening network. Barry impressed. Monk Garden of Flowers say prepare for challenge as Urital cultist very angry. Barry and group ask Monk Garden of Flowers about necklace, who respond saying it hold spirit inside, and used as key. Need to take to deal with cultist, but return to them so spirit can be put to proper rest.

Barry and group continue to Port Mirandia, and push to get there safely deep into night.