DM: Geokhan
Date: July 9th, 2021
Party :

The ragtag band left Port Mirandia in the morning heading south in search of treasure based on the words of Decs. We made contact with a monk who told us about a crown. . . Decs seems like he wants the crown of an Orc, and the party heads out to find it, with warnings of were-creatures possibly in our path. Warning of Undead abound.

The first night we camped out and our party found a pile of bones, not fresh according to those who claim to know much about this subject. A Specter arose and they talked to it, or well at it while it mimed away answers, apparently the poor creature was killed by the Orc.

Near the end of the night we a group of Land Narwhals interrupted my sleeping, screams came from the area the others decided to sleep in.

Rushing I managed to see them being strangled by some sort of land anemone, I have never seen a group trouble so much by creatures such as these, however it did wrap its tentacles around a few and exuberantly coated them with some foul goo.

Person lies across the road, and pleads with us to go and help his friend. After giving water to the person and sending him back to town we ventured south to try and save his friend.. However it looks like we arrived too late.

Crawling thru the high grass to reach the enemies proved problematic as this strange plant, reached out and enwrapped Dec in it’s vines, gaining nourishment from him… somehow
As we got closer to the Orcs, the more it seems that they are infected by something, a Plague carrying Orc perhaps? They seem to be wanting to feed the flowers, this reminds me of a fungus I once heard about that took over the body of Dead Ants and used them to protect the original plant while nursing new plants…
These plants seem to not only recruit living things but, things made of stone and metal as well.
Or perhaps these.. Gnomish? Inventions are the reason behind the flower… Whatever these things were, they exploded… Keep your distance.

The Gargoyle like creature tried to fly away with Morning Mist, the aftermath of the battle suggest that the real intelligence behind this is creating more flowers, perhaps a angry Nature Sprite? The Plants are fighting back. We were approached by a forest troll, names Treetop who talked about The Dark One with a staff that had tentacles of blood, muttering about the jesters court, either way we parted ways.

This individual is the one referred to as “The Jester” Decs, seemed to take offence to the Jesters Demeanor. They talked at some length to trade for said Crown…and so I waited and watched as we got surrounded by Monkeys. . . after some terrible jokes, the crown was given to us… and a warning, “Beware the Blood Court for they are on the move.”

We made our way back to town, after having a night with some boisterous orcs… and more bad jokes.. By the way, the crown… appears to be one big joke it makes you look like royalty as an illusion. So another, bad joke.