I, Katla Gyrdottir, and several others set out to explore a hole in the ground north of Ruined Oak near the Briarwall. My companions were Aodh, Kadar, Decs and Murjaws.

We came across a knight and ogre drinking together along the way, both amicable. Soon afterwards we came to the hole. There was evidence of multiple groups entering the hole from different directions however the tracks were scoured so more information could not be gleaned. We entered the cave and came across some goblin guards. They asked for a symbol, I remembered coming across a symbol a week or so before this. Some cultists attacked me near port mirandia, they worshipped some sort of sea god with the symbol of a serpent. I took a risk and scribed the symbol on my glove. The guards recognized it and let us past. We came across a an undead that attacked Decs but we dealt with it.

As we went further a human woman appeared and asked us who we were. I showed the serpent symbol and she asked if we were from Ruined oak, to which I responded yes. She immediately knew we were imposters and attacked with some bulbous orcs. After the fight we found that she had a scorpion symbol. It is possible that there are 2 groups of cultists, the serpent group based in port mirandia and the scorpion group in ruined oak. It would explain how she knew that we were imposters since I said we were from ruined oak but had the serpent symbol.

The next room had numerous large cave crickets in it. We traversed along the edge and were accosted by an undead. We dealt with it and found an exquisite vase.

We traveled further and come across a half ogre and deep gnomes. They were part of a delegation to meet with someone called the “Creator” . Apprently the cultists were also there for an audience. We continue onwards and come across some fish people. I did not participate in the discussion but they seemed friendly. As we progress we come to a room guided by a dueragar. We manage to pass and come to a portal leading to the creator. We enter with great hesitation.

We appear in a strange metallic room standing on pads surrounded by metallic grates. We walk out further into the complex. The first room had a strange conveyer belt with small metal items on it. The next hallway had two doors. The north led to a room with a large construct with a pickaxe. The south had some strange room with alien script and clockwork abomination in the center. Further along there is a large room. To the north there was a staircase that lead to a massive room. In the room was one of the largest things I have ever seen in my life. A colossal construct, its shoulder width maybe 25 feet across stood in the room. The south had a movable wall that lead to a storage room of clockwork hunters and dogs. We keep exploring, finding a greenhouse room and stables. At the end we open a door and find the creator. He declared his displeasure at our presence and seemed hostile. A large construct with glowing green energy, his very presence shook me to my core.

I froze in fear but Decs and Aodh kept some presence of mind and fled. I followed them as murjaws and Kadar escaped via another route. We sprinted down the hallway as alarms went off in the complex. We make it back to the pads and teleport back to the cave. We ran from the cave, escaping with our lives. I will not soon forget this experience and I desire to go back someday, when ready.