Session Title: Outbreak of Horrors 

DM: Calmseeker 

Date: 3/27/21 

Party: SlyOkami/Don 9, Drewid/Murdrum 7, BillyDusty/Zugall 8 (leader, cart.), Wade/Griters 8 (chronicler), Fearless/Tenfoll/at 8, Genthrock/Marcus Wellspring 8, Mountain Lord/Horace Skyhammer 5 (trailblazer), kudolink/Oros 5 (scout) 

Before setting out for the nest of undead, our party gathered in Ruined Oak, I noticed that Marcus, the cleric, that has saved my skin many a times, and part of the reason I had the confidence to partake this dangerous mission, was nowhere to be seen, which made me nervous.  The last mission I had, was searching out some undead, with the Witchknight, Don, and it had nearly cost me my life.  Her presence here, along with the mighty, Zugall, was reassuring.   

On the second night of travel, I awoke to Don screaming, that she had spotted a Wyvern, in the trees, south of camp.  It turned out to be quite the pesky beast, but there was a lad, laying prone, nearby, that looked to have been set upon, by the creature.  We soon dispatched the Wyvern, and learned that the traveler, was a young man Berien, bringing a secret message, to his family, in Ruined Oak.  The party decided it would be best to escort the young lad, back to Ruined Oak, to ensure his safe passage.  The trip back was uneventful, but we did notice that the river was low. 

The next morning, we were paid 1 gp, apiece, for escorting Berian, and he told of his family’s run ins with a group of undead, at Castle Moore, which could have been the group we had set out to vanquish, just a few days prior.  Luckily, we ran into the cleric, Marcus, and he joined the trek to Castle Moore.  The travel to the castle really was quite peaceful.  Some of the most uneventful since I’ve been on this island.  But, the castle, itself, was a terrible site.  We crossed a drawbridge made of dragon bones, to enter the ominous castle.   

After searching the castle grounds, and finding little, it was decided to descend under the castle, via a trap door.  Just before entering, a large group, of terrible beings, scurried out at us.  It was known to someone in the party, that these were Zerg monstrosities.   This was a hard-won fight, made possible by a mighty blow from the paladin, Oros, on the large ultrlisk.   

Upon entering the trap door, we encountered a nest of vampires, which was obvious, even to me.  There were several of them, with a clear leader, accompanied by a giant flying beast.  What seemed like was going to be a deadly encounter, was resolved with no casualties to the party.  Though, I fear these fiends were not at the top of the vampire order.   It is here we encountered Berien’s father, Greyford, who returned with us, to Ruined Oak, to serve as a healer.