DM: Waylander

Cavendish, fighter 7/warlock 1, leader
Sun, wizard 8
Dwaff, cleric 9
Dimble, sorcerer 10, chronicler
Demona, paladin 2, sorcerer 5, trailblazer
Rig, barbarian 9, scout

TLDR; we met a group of undead killing cultists. Undead skeletons, giants and a wraith. After killing them we followed their trail and found the magic to flow easier here. We found a tower that turned out to be a giant mimic after half the group was inside. Then we followed the tracks to a cave where a demon had been trapped for some time. Here the magic was even stronger and easier to cast than it was before. The door was open and chanting was heard from inside. When entering there were many cultists in the room, together with a couple of demons and undead. After a though fight we felt that the excess magic started to recede.

It started of as so many times before,
in Port Mirandia, the town at the shore.
The hunt for evil, fiends from the abyss,
we sought to from the island them dismiss.

Cavendish, our leader, fearless and bold,
is causing enemies to flee, she gladly told.
No questing against evil whether small or big,
should be attempted without the invincible Rig.

Demona, despite the name was the holy kind,
swinging her hammer despite insecure mind.
From books and towers, having magical might,
came Sun like her namesake, shining bright.

A tricky one, Dwaff, follower of Jamb the god,
with his magic keeping us a healthy squad.
Lastly from the forest with a spirit free,
to see the world came Dimble, yes, that’s me!

Following tracks well trodden by boots,
with the aim to cut the evil by its roots.
In the distance we saw violent fighting,
Rig ran towards it as fast as lightning.

When we got nearer, vile undead we saw,
turned cultist to corpses with bow and claw.
Though many undead they were, some of giant kind,
our might overwhelmed even their power combined.

We followed their tracks, came upon a tower,
empty and deserted, curiosity it cought our.
Opening the door let out a rotten smell,
Causing Demonas stomach to not feel well.

Entered did Demona and Rig and Cavendish
braving the danger and smell of dead fish.
Inside they noticed walls becoming wet,
and realised that the tower is a threat.

Hiding as a tower a great mimic napped,
and once inside half the party trapped.
As Rig told from inside best way to fight
because they cannot flee or avoid your smite.

Soon the mimic realised what fool it had been
spitting them out, they where far from clean.
When we reached for our magic, it flowed well,
increasing the power of prayer and spell.

After hacking and slashing the mimic went down,
no more devouring the remains of the town.
Continuing forth we soon came to a cave,
Sun said it was the origin of the magic wave.

Inside the cave was a big room of stone,
empty but on floor were fragments of bone.
Further in we walked up to an opened gate
Sun translated the script after a short wait.

Sun told the writing on the door said “Beware!
Mergrdeth, the fiend, is trapped in here”.
Chanting came from inside, evil was near,
this was the reason for why we were here.

Leading the way, inside the room Rig dashes
his shiny warhammer into the skeletons crashes.
Dwaff sees magic that is opening a portal,
“Close it at once!” says Jamb the immortal.

The shadows drains the strength, making us weak.
The skeletons cuts and chops with a style antique.
The cultists uses magic spells inferior to ours.
The demons slash and use ancient powers.

They were beating us, had us down on our knees
but Dwaff kept us up, healing us with ease.
Rig the invincible, proved once again his worth,
kept on standing after beeing down on the earth.

Cavendish the brave, on Gamma he rode into battle
his lance piercing demons as if they were cattle.
Sun were giving them a kiss of missiles of magic,
which for the demons turned out to be tragic.

Demona fighting shadown despite her strength waning,
bravely fighting despite shadow’s wicked draining.
Finally the undead destroyed the demons defeated,
we forfilled our duty their ritual uncompleted.

Cultists scattered, left the place to be set ablaze
hopefully, we made them see the error of their ways,
Happily heading home from a successful mission,
knight, barbarian, paladin, cleric and magician.

Cultist symbol