Tracks medium sized tracks wearing boots. Going from East to West.

Found a Druidic warning with a symbol.

The house is frequented by many said the birds of the house. The druids began building a nest. Squat gray folk. Way point of morgotha 3-4 tall wore skins of other animals wore hide armor likely.

Duegar, druids, orcs, and human barbarian. Portal riders defeated the giants in the area. Come holding great secrets.

Tribes of wolf, tiger, bear, lion. Volcernian are hunters, nomads. In peace with the druids. Do not desecrate the ruins, beware of the ruins north east, Do not take more than you need. Juniper and Hollyberry.

Frost came from the black goo, the Weeping disease, the blood disease. Quick and horrible death where blood seeps through the skin.

Forest frozen by the Maidens. Kept the black goo in check.

Fought gnolls at ZHT Portal west of it and was a scouting party, implications are they have working portal stones and know ZHT portal code.

“Take the team and scout out the new lands the Heros have discovered. Report back your findings. Hail Grimace.”

Tested Danivoy, Aodh, and Peren, warns that the west is dangerous. Merria And Kalido, and Grumps the awakened polar bear.

Told us more about the druid warning that to the north east are ruins where they may have come from? Khornel and Misostia.

I also helped a fellow druid learn the brown Bear Form. I later gave Juniper to an Alter of Winter.
Risked my life for a pendant. I wonder what It could be for?