DM: Geokhan

Saturday, March 13th, 18:00 UTC

5-9 Session

We began the march from Port Mirandia, immediately pausing outside the town as we noticed a digsite.

Finding footprints, we followed them to the shore north east where we found a craig perfect for hiding a ship. Signs of rope being cut were also found.

Not sure what to think of the holes, we continued east, making our way to the gruff gruff village.

We took our rest there, preparing for out trek into the mountains, allowed by the Gruff Gruff to use their travelling lodge to do so.

At night, we noticed several things. Flashing of light sending coded messages to each other over the ocean to the north.

A bag nearby the camp, supposedly someone else had rested here…a type of bag we had also seen at the digsite. It wasn’t filled with anything of concern though.

Come dawn, we made our preperations and headed off. My warmachine ready to whirr into battle as was Colonel, the others though seemed a bit put off by it. Mostly Balthier, he kept his distance without second thought.

On our way up the mountains, at a high rising hill with its cliffside facing us, rocks began to be thrown at our party.

Two fearsome creatures began assaulting us unsolicited. With no head and faces for necks, the half-giants thought we were an easy meal, but quickly learned the opposite as Cade willed his combat familiar forth, and Balthier began raining hell down upon them with a hail of arrows.

Half-giant Kevin
Half-giant Jimmy

As this occured, our back line was also assaulted by a displacing beast, a large kitty surrounded by fog. The kitty got the worst brunt of it at first as we all relocated to focus it and aid our backline.


But Kitty managed to escape us, Kevin and Jimmy weren’t so lucky.

Slaying the two creatures, we then took post on their choke point of a hill and rested shortly, before continuing onwards and up the mountain.

Reaching our goal, we encountered a group of miners we had been warned about in an earlier trip. The foremen seemed keen on keeping his spot. Demanding we keep clear of any monitary findings, as they had full claim on it, we agreed as we were only there to clear out the source of the undead.

Approaching the large shrine, a massive statue of a multiarmed being, we entered the frigid ruvine that surrounded it.

I did not quite trust the miners, so I kept my eyes fully on them.

Glanfath on the other hand had gone on ahead, and smelled something terrible when he reached the mining operation. Put off, he reached out to the power of the being who touched my, balthier’s and his eyes. The power of J’an opened Glanfath’s eyes to the truth around him, and this act seemed to infuriate the power that resided here.

As suddenly the air grew colder, the very shrine beginning to bellow out a freezing wind, stopping us from getting close easily.

A torrent of ice shards descended on us from the shrine, killing almost all of the miners as each shard then exploded out in a cold blast.

Then, out of the pillars which lined the ruvine, they came.

Armour covered in frostbite with fangs of the same, wielding warpick and blade, the undead formed out of the ice and stone. Swarming us as our visibility was reduced to 10 feet by the snow storm that then came.

They befell us, their bite cursing our bodies, their picks paralyzing them too, we dared not wait to see what their blades did.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, out of the cold came scimitar wielding phantoms, immune to a cleric’s ability to turn undead which affected the armoured zombied before…

And to add further injury, a large crow of ice and molded flesh joined them, picking at us from above.

We made our retreat, as I summoned forth a Celestial to cover us, everyone rushed back as Cade and Horace teleported out, later joined by Murdrum, Glanfath raged his way out as a barbarian does, and I rode out blood-soaked in my own crimson, backed up by Balthier who followed up.

We saw no survivors from the miners come with, only we knew of what lays there now, and I bring this log to you to warn you of its presence.

We do not know how it would react to a party not aligned to J’an, it called us corrupted, which I find ironic for a befallen of undeath. Yet be aware of its power and the threat it holds on the mountain. If the Lord of the Mountain dared not deal with its undead.

We made it back to the Gruff Gruff, not exactly unharmed, we delegated our findings to the goblin Kipp as we shared his fire.

Come morning, we set off back to Mirandia, as once again we came to find another digsite outside the Gruff Gruff village.

This one it seems, wasn’t as successful as the last. The group that had been digging was over run by hyenas, a battle has seemingly ensued and neither side was victorious as bodies littered our surroundings. The object they were digging for, was also still there in one of the unfinished digs. Six feet down, a chest lay which we raised and inspected, finding it full of silver coins.

Taking what we could, we returned to Mirandia.