DM: Calmseeker

Party: Dimble, Dwaff, Jelo, Orgeron, Alessio, Shrieker, Jyn

We headed to the Forest of Thorns to visit our fey allies after we heard that they have new information about a group of blight druids that plagued their forest.

Once we arrived, they informed us about the location of the druids’ base: at the southwest edge of the forest. They also told us about their evil master: Yabba Abba. Turns out this Yabba Abba was their leader all along, even when they followed Lord Gauntemort and Gahzel (which we took care of in the past). Honestly, it feels like we keep taking care of this group and their leaders and they keep coming back somehow. I hope this time was the last time we hear about them.

Arriving at the southwestern point of the forest, we found the blight druids’ base located in large ruins. The ruins were guarded by druids and demons. According to Dwaff these ruins were once a temple of Jamb and Sune.

The Location of the Old Temple

The whole temple was flooded with disgusting water that according to Jelo carried some sort of a disease. We wanted to cure this place before leaving it, but we got to the conclusion that the best way to do that is to let it heal by itself. The whole place was guarded by different druids, mages, demons and oozes that we fought while exploring it.

While investigating the ruins we found Stormwrath and a few dead bodies around him (Which is his regular position, I’m starting to think). He looked different this time: He grew horns and wings. He got it as a gift from the devil he works for.
He came to the temple to get a vial that had a hair of a bicorn in it. He was sent to get this item by his devil-lord.
According to him, the devil is called Taperwood.
He also mentioned that he entered the temple from a northern entrance, through an underground stream.

It is important to mention that we later found out that a bicorn’s hair can be used to summon the creature from other planes. But we got that information after Stormwrath already left.

Stormwrath in his new form

While investigating the temple and its guards we also learned that Yabba Abba is the son of Baba Lysaga, and that he was trapped inside the temple. Since he couldn’t leave the place, he gathered the druids to help him spread illness around the island.

Then we finally found Yabba Abba and fought him. He had a demon and oozes to help him. He also turned into a large weird tentacle-creature. But we managed to kill him without any casualties.

Yabba Abba

The rest of our journey back to Port Mirandia was peaceful. We once again met a nice merchant called Ungum and informed the fey about our accomplishments.

Other things that happened during the adventure and are worth mentioning:

  • According to a note that one of the druids carried, Yabba Abba contacted Prince Crommwell about the death of Gahzel. I don’t know anything about the relationship of the two, but it can’t be a good thing.
  • During the night, when we camped at the meeting place with the fey at the edge of the forest, we were attacked by two green dragons. They weren’t very old. Turns out the fey were attacked by similar creatures around the same time. As far as we know, the dragons came from the south. We might have to investigate it more in the future.
  • As always, we had to hear about the tension between the fey brothers: when we arrived back at the meeting spot with the fey, after defeating Yabba Abba, we found Oakmesh and Stormwrath talking. It was as awkward as always. At the end of their conversation Oakmesh announced that he banishes Stormwrath from the Forest of Thorns because of his deal with the devil.
    Even though Stormwrath left, I have a feeling we will see him again.