We struck out early in the morning to arrive at a temple to Lathander, outside two acolytes of Lathander warned us of the possession of their priest, The Crying God deems Lathander as an ally and as such I could not abandon this temple, to my pleasure my companions rallied around me, Thank you Sneaker, Gray, Blue, and Nuemu. The Priest Killgore named Tsaran as their new god.We attempted to take the priest alive, but upon incapacitating them, the body of the priest quickly turned into a black ichor. We were informed about a visitor just days before our arrival and set out to see if we could follow. A grey beard individual with a blood teardrop apparently tattooed under his eye

We followed what little information was provided to follow a figure south towards the mountains, meeting a group of friendly goblins from the tribe of Tort hailing from the west mountain area, we soon after made camp. During which a clockwork beetle was assaulted by several weasels, neither the weasels nor the clockwork beetle proved to be aggressive to us, however the beetle was ran thru.

During returning trip to ruined oak we stopped at the Temple of Lathander once more for shelter to find it abandoned, apparently the inhabitants murdered and spirited away. I was able to pick the place up a little bit before several people running for safety from large hairless beasts. It is my wish to return this temple to service.