DM: Calmseeker
Party Twee, Eight, Marcus Wellspring, Faenoa, Bardy, Uzza, Cober
Date: 5/08/2021

I am unsure any day is best to go to the desert, but head my advice travel during Dawn and Dusk, Midnight can get too cold, and the High Noon sun could kill you if you are not careful. If you wish to wear plate be sure to not wear it past Dawn and before Dusk. Having a way to create Water is very useful, or carry many many waterskins with you. There are Druids, out here in the desert that seem to have the ability heal the land, remove the radiation.

Being under the hot sun must breed caution. And I would urge caution out there it is not just the creatures that are out to kill you it is also the weather. Yuba joined us to the site, hopefully they will be able to clear the Radiation, we should check up on them soon. Traveling proved to be smoother than usual as we progressed thru the desert, so I will not bother you with those details perhaps someone else will. Needless to say we were successful in locating the relic we sought and returning it.

Stay Safe out there
Marcus Wellspring