DM: Geokhan

Decs – Tsi
Ander – Waylander322
Alvor – Lone_Courier
Blue – Tam
Amber – Nick
Gritters – Wade

We started off in PM going south towards the Galern Valley, first thing of the day we came across a broken cart.
We went forward to give them a hand. The man, Garvan, was headed to PM for the winter having family that live in the town.
Ander pulled the cart out of the mud in which it was stuck wiht help from Alvor.
We chose to continue inwards the forest and going towards the forest we heard shouting and went to investigate.
We found bandits with birdlike dogs and blink dogs with them. We fought them off and found a person under a bubble that they wanted to break.
Usher was the name. He told us that he had accidentally stumbled on the bandits whos treasure was in a cave that Usher had found himself in front of.
He casted his leomond’s tiny hut on us and the night we spend uneventful.

We smelled blood as we traveled finding a person gutteraling chanting and waving organs in the air. It was a Gnoll, and we snuck up on him,
engaging him in combat. Decs killed him with one arrow and the forest came to kill us as whatever he was summoning did not appear.
It’s magic infused the flora and fauna of the forest as we started fighting them. And dealth with them quickly.
After we dealth with them we met up with Opal, a Hobgoblin from the craw jung tribe we were told that Zulgor – the leader of the center tribes,
thinks that he can rule over the whole Glern Valley. The fishide clan’s blood hunters are keeping them at bay.
We went to a camp that was safe for the night and I saw some wolfs but they were only there to drink some and did us no harm.

We wen’t to their village and met up with the chief Soothma of the Hobgoblin tribe. Gray, Brown, Dark Gray are the names of giant tribes living in the mountains.
Gritters negotiated with Soothma and Alvor traded in a dagger for a tent.
We came across a turquase mine most likely made by humans long ago.
When we finally got back on the road we mett up with a dwarf riding a giant beast of burden. His name Gravel came with his voice.

We went back to Port Mirandia without a hitch.