Party: Marcus, Ivan, Kaida, Zugall, Amal, Jerime

We left Port Mirandia and about half way to our destination we came upon a chest. It was full of coins so we scooped it up and headed out. There was a little discussion about whose coins they could be but I think for now we should hold onto them.
After a few more hours of travelling we made our way to the farm in question. Found some tracks which we followed to the west where we found a camp of drunken satyrs. Their leader’s name is Drok. They are known as the Grey leaf Clan. He says they were forced to leave their home due to being attacked by Night Mist Cats. Drok then made us answer some riddles to tell us where they lived. The founder of the Grey leaf clan is Fivtick Grey Leaf.

We headed west once more in line with the direction given to us by Drok. Hopefully the Satyr was sober enough to not lead us too astray. We settled down and camped shortly after. I managed to find a few hares and some roots to keep some of us fed. We managed to cook a great meal and off to bed we went.

We made it to the shrine and managed to kill off to of the Night Mist Cats the Satyrs were talking about. We managed to cut a few pristine steaks from the cats which had a very interesting after taste that made your tongue tingle. It was definitely exquisite.
Afterwards we met with Lady Nassela who was looking pretty rough. Apparently the Cats are trying to take over the forest in this area. She mentioned a Fey court called Phantasmagoria. She said that they are northwest in some plains next to some trees by a small portal guarded by fey?? Look at the map. Someone marked it. She mentioned that the kobolds near WMC might be corrupting fey and turning them into something evil.

During the night a few of my fellow party members claimed to have seen a castle to the north east of the satyr shrine. When we headed out the following morning to scout around the area we found a singular hunter by the name Frederich. He mentioned that he was hunting for the Blackchasm Keep, the lord of which is known as Coel Frewer according to the hunter. Which just so happens to be the castle my party members spotted. Seemed kind of sketchy so someone might want to take a look at Blackchasm keep at some point. Again if you have trouble finding it refer to the map west of Port Mirandia.
We returned to the Satyrs and they got the vines to go away from the farm. The farm is now ready for full operation. We finished our journey and have discovered many more things to explore in the future.