DM: Calmseeker

Written by: Lysing

Mission: Seeking out and ending the source of darkness covering the White Moon Area

Our band of adventures included: Faenoa, Balthier, Valorean, Bardy. and myself Notable mounts included Azure and Sisyphus.

We traveled east of Ruined Oak following up on information attained by a previous party. They had discovered a map after taking down some Kobold in that area and it was our first solid lead to the possible source.

Most of the journey was uneventful as the road were decently maintained and along the way we encountered Asparas, who I was told was a monk druid and a member of the Rushing Stream Monestary. Asparas confirmed that she too was in possession to a similar map that we were following and we compared them to make sure there was nothing we were missing.


As we pressed into the swamp we found the area filled with traps and picket patrols consisting of many different types of Kobolds, some even had wings and flew about the area. Balthier had a real ball with one of the encounters as we made our way up to a strange shrine possibly temple like structure.

Fortunately we had Faenoa with us that easily handled the traps about the structure. We had thought we had lost her when she disappeared into a deep pit filled with spikes. She had us all worried and I had wished she had shouted something to let us know she was ok, but that is all water under the bridge now.

We entered the structure and soon met up with Faenoa and proceeded down some hallways. Kobold began opening up slots in the wall and shooting us with slings stones and arrows. We handled what we could and made our way through avoiding blade traps and pressure plate bombs. Faenoa was really upset, I think from taking that fall into the spike pit and was breathing lightning into the slots the kobold had open up filling the hallway with the screams of dying kobold.

The hallways them self lead to a great chamber where we saw a large pool of blood surrounded by cobblestone walls with openings spaced around the outside. This pool of blood was pulsing a strange wave of evil energy that sucked away life force of anyone that was within range. To the north of the pool of blood was an alter where a Kobold priestess was conducting a sacrifice. The kobold were not happy to see us and opened up with attacks. The party scattered with Faenoa going left and everyone else going right.

I did my best to move Balthier into a better combat position and to provide support by blowing away clouds of poisonous gas that enveloped member of the group. When I could I would fire off bolts of Lightning to help soften up targets. Targets that Valorean was quickly shredding as he dominated the air space with Azure. Bardy was instrumental (get it he is a bard) by locking many of the enemy in place with his voice while Balthier made pin cushions of them. Faenoa was holding her own on the other side but was taking damage as it was like a 3 on 1 fight.

Eventual I made my way over to where Faenoa was and started blasting the enemy and it looked like victory was in sight, but the kobold had one last trick up their sleeves as to the North of the Alter was a great stone statue of a dragon. The kobold had called the avatar of Grimas to life and it started attacking. I found myself tanking this creature and being hit by its Acid breath at least twice, I felt for sure that I was a goner. However my party came to my rescue and surrounded the stone monster keeping it in place for Valorean to come sweeping down in a golden beam of radiance and smiting the avatar out of existence.

it came for me.

As many of us were healing up, Bardy and Valorean set out to cleans the pool and upon completion the darkness faded and the warm light of the sun was able to reach us. The other thing that reached us was the thunderous sound of a hoard of Kobold descending on our location. We made haste having completed our objective and made our way back to Ruined Oak.