Game Master: Geokhan

Date: 02/22/2021

Mission: Winter of the Forge: Dungeon Crawl

Log Number: 4

My Party

Hello, it’s your girl Julijonas, your new Bard in town. Oh boy, that was a long adventure, my first big adventure. I was the Chronicler this time so I’m supposed to have all the information. I don’t believe I have enough brain capacity to do so, therefore some details may evade me. I apologize in advance.

First some context. There was this key (which sort of looks like a fork) that was left at the Potted Plant in Port Miranda. Zugall used his Giant Magic to enlarge the key and found it to have Dwarven script reading “Hofflemien Forge Architect”. Some other people and I then visited the Noble Estate of Duririmor and Nostal and asked about this key.

Duririmor told us that Hoffelmien was a great builder for the Dwarves, and was said to have a great hand in the design of the Citadels. But then he disappeared and no one knew what had become of him. We were also told that it was a key to a tomb (not sure if it was his tomb or something related). A few day later of gathering, a party was gathered an we ventured forth.

On our travels, we came across the same magical sensation I felt on my second (or I suppose third) adventure. Check out my log “A Furry Full Moon” if you’re curious. I learned though that it seems to only affect those that are capable of casting spells, as our Monk didn’t feel it. Other than that our trek to the tomb was uneventful.

Our trek lead to a tall hill with Talos Dwarves who weren’t too keen on seeing us and immediately attacked. I just went invisible as the boys handled these fools, one of them teleported away though like a coward. The monk became incredibly exhausted after a swing and insisted on taking a long rest afterwards, we didn’t. I sadly couldn’t get a good look at them but imagine an angry dwarf that doesn’t take parley as a possible solution.

On the top of this hill was this trap door. Though it seems more like a standing door to me.

Tomb of Hoffelmien, Builder of the Forge were etched on the door.

We decided to take a short rest before opening the door with previously mentioned key and pressed forth. There was running water to the east side of this Tomb or Cave. While we were investigating, these Russet mold sprayed noxious gas on GarGot which alerted these deep cave like creatures and the time for mercy has passed.

These guys caused some trouble.

Some of the adventurers tired attacking the mold, bit it seemed impervious to attacks. I thankfully wasn’t attack by the crocodile thing, but I was sprayed by more of those mold shits and nearly died. We all survived however, but took a long rest after that. Nothing happed during our rest so we continued on the next day.

After waking up, GarGot decided to scout ahead as a Giant Spider, so I gave him Invisibility and my Bardic Inspiration before sending him on his way. However, Invisibility didn’t seem to do much, as he was still able to be seen by some plant creatures.

Here’s one of them.

This thing looked scary, but was just a push over with Ander’s Might Swing. In the room where we fought this thing there were three doors on the North, East, and West end of it. We took a look at the West door and large fire snake which ignited immediately attack.

Now I get that these thing are incapable of reason, but maybe we could have at least tired to handle it without drawing blood.

These things were also relatively easy to deal with. At the end of the room was an ornate mundane Dwarvish book labeled “Volume 2” about some procedure of protection for the Forge Citadel if it were to be abandoned. I am unable to read Dwarvish so I sadly can’t offer more details. We also found a small grate in a corner with little treasures inside it (was that really needed, never mind). This room also had two doors, one of them was at the far end of the room and the other in the middle-ish part of it on the North side. We went into the far end door that seemed to be some sort of praying room with a door to the far right of the room and angry dwarven spirts inside. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but our local Dwarvish Expert Horace was able to tell us that they needed a name of who sent us here, among other things. Ask him for more details. I remembered the names Duririmor and Nostal, so I told these spirits those names and they left. I later asked Nostal more about their name and she told me that she is actually a descendent of the King of Rehope. Those spirits just seemed to be loyal to the crown. There was also Volume 3 inside this room that said something about how to attune to the forge or something.

Look I’ll tell you know, there were a total of four Dwarvish volumes we found. If you want to learn more about them you can visit the Duririmor and Nostal Noble Estate at the Ruined Oak.

After that, we took a gander at the door and found a “center chamber’ of sorts with an old rug and chairs in the middle, a stone table with some treasure (that we obviously took), a vibrant skull up front the provided light to the whole room with two brass statues flanking it. There were also two silver chests on that side of the room. One of them was ended being an illusion when I tried to open it. Oh, this was also where we found Volume 4. It also had this picture of some sort of code.

I am sure this will be useful…

There was also a door to the left of this room with mushroom people behind it. They didn’t immediately attack us like everything in this Dungeon usually does, so we promptly left them alone. We then went to check back to the previous rooms we missed. One of them was an old, rusted death trap with the bodies of past unfortunate adventures trapped inside. The other one was a small room with the Volume 1 book and a mosaic of The Great Dwarf Hoffelmien and a Grand Citadel behind him (why did I capitalize that?). It was starting to get late so after that, we all rushed back to the Port. We took some time to identify what we got and realized we had two lost spells memento mori and rumored demise. I won’t tell you what they do, just that we found them.

Do you know the saying “Life is short.” That whole adventure was done in two days or so but when recalling it can be done so in 5 to 8 minutes. Anyways,  Thank you for reading my log today. If you have any questions consider going to the Arcane Order, I should be there while I’m not adventuring. This is once again Julijonas, your new Bard in town, signing out.