DM: Calmseeker 29/07/2021


Jaymax91/Owren.  Ben/Silk. Arden/Katla. Voidsearcher/Dred
Jaymax91/Owren. Ben/Silk. Arden/Katla. Voidsearcher/Dred

Location: Port Mirandia, Farm, Cave in Hills

After a few sleepless nights and a lot of whimpering Owren mustered up enough fortitude to leave his room and seek out the remaining party members Katla and Silk to see if they thought they should go and help the goblins they found near the farm, a couple of other new adventurers had were sat with them in a tavern a Snakelady called Dred.

After introductions they set out back to the farm to find that the goblins had left the farm they pressed on looking for the tracks they had picked up previously, things where quiet with the party Owren suspected they were all thinking about Kailou (R.I.P) who they lost near here last time, and the grim thoughts were almost a premonition as they came upon some goblin Corpses.

Guilt ridden and weary from a hard days travel the party set up camp at a spot Silk scouted. During the night Katla heard some noises rousing Silk and then the party, A group of ne’er do wells started making a hostile approach led by some Triton mage with red eyes.

Silk opened the fight with a warning shot and when they wouldn’t relent battle ensued. After a bit of tanking from Katla and some more surefire shooting from Silk, Owren got bold and stepped into battle only to get himself wrecked off the bandits and some kind of Aasimar who was a bit handier in battle. Dred managed to take out the mage after Owren blasted it with Magic Missile then Silk and Katla proceeded to cut down the remaining bandits.

Once the battle has died down Silk finds a cracked shield during his watch and Katla picks it up and gets drained of her life force and seemed to age a bit. While we were inspecting the shield a black carriage with two black horses with flaming manes approached and some kind of spooky dude with pale skin introduced himself as Sitaris Direwood the Vampire Earl.
Owren started having a panic attack until Dred slapped him. Sitaris took the corpses and the shield and gave Katla a wanted poster for one Alleks Jones who he claimed looked like a former thraal of his. We were told to put it up in Port Mirandia.

After completing our rest we found a cave in the hills that the tracks led to and sent Anastasia (Owrens Familiar) in to scout but didn’t find much so we entered to cave and climbed up to the western side into a slightly elevated position, nobody seemed to be here apart from a couple Goblin corpses. Then skeletons start appearing from behind some rocks closely followed by some sort of magical casting skeleton “direguard” who shot magic missiles.

We searched the area and the corpses and only found a few scattered coins at first but then Owren found a tunnel that lead further back into the darkness a brief bit of exploration revealed the Wight they were looking for along with some skeletons the force seemed overwhelming they decided to tactically retreat but things started to go bad, Owren and Katla were barely able to scrape by in their escape Silk and Dred fell.

At this point as all seemed lost, unbeknownst to Owren and Katla mist coalesced into a shape and placed something in Silks mouth seemingly rescuing him and driving the Wight and skeletons away. Katla and Owren waited at the exit ready to cover it with the large stone incase any undead came but surprisingly Dred and Silk limped around the corner battered and bruised but somehow alive.

The party retreated and once they were almost out the mist reappeared and Sitaris told us that he helped because of the bodies and courtesy shown to him the night before. After some small talk Owren proposed Sitaris helped them take out the Wight surprisingly he accepted and gave them some kind of Wight bait potion that would lure the Wight out into the sunlight to make it easier to deal with. The party “artfully destroyed the Wight” (code for very poorly rolled and took a long time to take the Wight out) finding a key on its corpse. Sitaris helped the party clear out the remaining skeletons and the scourge of the farms was dealt with.