Tl;dr: To finish the siege workshop in Port Mirandia, some Kangdan Metal Ore was required. Following a lead given by Dojeon, a soldier, adventurers find some in the Speckhome Mountains. After doing so they took a little jaunt into a demiplane connected to the plane of Limbo for some reason, barely surviving, but surviving nonetheless.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The siege workshop in Port Mirandia is now complete.
•The village of Elmfield has been destroyed by a group of undead and devils. The undead were serving Barragius the semilich.
•The village of Elmfield’s destruction may have been triggered by the destruction of The Fountain of Aging.
Tornadios the Storm Giant, possibly imprisoned by the Council in a demiplane connected to Limbo was slain.

Session Title: Finishing the Siege Workshop
Session GM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 10 Apr 2022 @ 00:20 UTC
Session Risk: 7

Barry (Cleric 5/Fighter 5) with skeletons Dragonborn, Dwarf and Frog (played by Tootired78)
Gau (Druid 14) (played by Konopa)
•Katla (Fighter 14) (played by Arden)
Nog (Fighter 15) with Pick the Flying Monkey and Rollo the Owlbear (played by Trulhammaren)

Barry and group approach by soldier, name Dojeon, who need special metal ore, name Kangdan Metal Ore to finish siege workshop at Port Mirandia. Soldier Dojeon suggest looking in Speckhome Glade and Speckhome Mountain, also to find his people, in his homeland in this area who should know where some is.


Psychic Katla say she rather talk to Fire Giant Smith Apnar she know in area who might know local ore node. Barry and group go through Druid Gau tree portal to road crossroad, then to tree in Forest of Thorn, then Barry and group travel east. Day and night uneventful. Barry and group travel southwest, find hotspring. Continue southwest, then west to a tunnel that Psychic Katla knew was there. Barry knew Psychic Katla psychic.

Leading into tunnel, many track of humanoid and wagon track. Barry and group enter, start hear clang of metal. In light of lava and torch, Barry and group see dozen people, one wagon and Fire Giant Smith Apnar in corner. Fire Giant Smith Apnar put aside hammer when see Barry and group.


Psychic Katla talk to Fire Giant Smith Apnar, tell about Kangdan Metal Ore Barry and group look for. Fire Giant Smith Apnar say has knowledge of many ore in area. Say found in mountain peak around Serpent River and Speckhome Glade, sometime in tunnel. Fire Giant Smith Apnar gesture to people say they from area.

Barry think people Soldier Dojeon people, what luck they here too. Tempus show Barry his favour. Human female merchant say name Kyoushi, say from Gobaekshin Kingdom, in western portion of Speckhome Glade. First she offer many newly acquired weapon for sale, Psychic Katla notice trademark PTI on them. Barry and group decline. Regarding the Kangdan Metal Ore, Merchant Kyoushi say rumour of tunnel in peak of mountain, open when cloud in sky, have wealth of ore.


Barry and group accept Fire Giant Smith Apnar offer to stay the night at forge, pricey it might be. In morning Druid Gau tell Barry and rest of group about story Fire Giant Smith Apnar tell Druid Gau during night. About respected storm giant, Tornadios the Storm Giant, who live in mountain peak Barry and group head toward. A powerful storm giant, but one day no giant could find Tornadios the Storm Giant, missing still.

Barry and group move west into mountain on cloudy day. Travel through mountain difficult, take time. In afternoon Barry and group move west again. Druid Gau see wood cabin by lake, hear sound of wood chop. Barry and group see goliath, chop wood with axe. Barry hold tongue about tree murder.

Goliath nod head in greeting, say name Huntsinger. Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger say own property by lake because he built it. Say heard of tunnel north that previous week band of adventurer went to and did not return from, but think Barry and group stronger, since Barry and group have more protein.


Druid Gau offer Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger magic berry, but has to talk Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger into eating it. Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger say normally only eat wild berry around lake, when not eat meat. Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger invite Barry and group to stay night, pricey it might be. Barry want refuse to stay in Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger cabin, but group say yes.

Psychic Katla tell Barry in morning, Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger, after hearing some hawk screech, tell story about elf who come by, tell story about village of Elmfield. Village of Elmfield destroyed by undead and devil group, undead serving particular entity, “Barragius the semllich”. Those that survived attack on Elmfield fled west to a monastery.

Psychic Katla tell Barry a semilich not as strong as demilich, have actual body, able to drain life force of living creature by aging them and can create artifact to assist them doing so. Psychic Katla think The Fountain of Aging was one such artifact. Druid Gau mention help destroy that. Barry wonder if Elmfield attack happen if fountain still around.

Night was uneventful, except for a can of sardine found. Offered to Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger, who threw it in lake, say “fish for fun, not for food.” then start canoe ride on lake. Barry and group leave northwest. Druid Gau see fiery bird, name phoenix. Say see before in Speckhome Glade, think it live between here and there.

Druid Gau say take time, commune with nature. Barry and group wait. Druid Gau say purple quartz grow under soil, that only nearby building Tree Murderer Goliath Huntsinger cabin. Barry and group see track go west, think maybe previous adventurer group, follow. Druid Gau take more time, say Kangdan Metal Ore nearby. Barry and group follow Druid Gau and track to tunnel, see ore even from outside.

Barry and group camp for night. Druid Gau make druid grove to sleep in, Barry like. Druid grove allow Barry and group to surprise group of cranium rat that come too close. In morning, Druid Gau shift form into earth elemental, start gather rock. Barry and Psychic Katla check track in tunnel, which lead to magic circle, no track come out.

Psychic Katla examine circle, say not teleportation circle. Barry ask Tempus, Tempus say circle conjuration magic. Psychic Katla say circle trigger something, ask Barry to ask skeleton to stand inside. Barry do. When Skeleton Frog enter circle, archway appear on boulder beside circle. Inside archway, through shimmer like water, Barry see road, hover in air over and under starry night sky.

Barry and Psychic Katla check with Druid Gau, who have large pile of ore ready. Barry and Psychic Katla show rest of group magic circle and archway. Barry not sure why, but group make plan to go in. Barry follow, but leave Skeleton Frog in magic circle. Just outside archway is another magic circle, and Barry determine it can open archway, so Barry bring Skeleton Frog inside too.

Barry and group hear weird music start then Psychic Katla, Owlbear Rollo and Flying Monkey Pick start run down road. Bugbear Nog hold down both friend, Psychic Katla say later compelled to run down road. Barry and group proceed cautiously down road over and under starry sky, for whole hour. Start see many root connect bridge to large crystal island, all hovering over starry sky like abyss.

Barry and group tie rope to people who go over root, as fall into nothing sound like bad idea. Moving around crystal island, see many dozen of humanoids, floating in starry area, unmoving staring at starred sky. Flying Monkey Pick flies to one, who upon being poked says “I am Clifford the cleric, a cartier.

Psychic Katla pull in a yuan-ti, who say “I am Syrael Dragonwraith, the paladin, a sailor.” Bugbear Nog cover yuan-ti eye who start screaming, stop when Bugbear Nog stop. On second attempt, yuan-ti eye and throat bleed after eye being covered for more than minute.

Unsure how to help, Barry and group leave many dozen humanoids and proceed further along path. Barry and group choose the left path at choice, which lead to a floating flumph named Flumpher. Floating Flumph Flumpher say it curious creature, and followed a tunnel to a magic circle and it trapped here too.


Floating Flumph Flumpher say this a demiplane, border on plane of Limbo. Say people who fell got affected by insanity of Limbo, and slowly drained of their lifefore. Floating Flumph Flumpher talk about finding odd treasure in backpacks of adventurers, but Barry and group realize it mean mundane item like tinderbox.

Floating Flumph Flumpher ask if Barry and group are going to go see “the big fella’s” at the end of the path. Psychic Katla say Barry and group might. Floating Flumph Flumpher respond say they will attack if Barry and group reach the end of the path.Floating Flumph Flumpher then warn, say beware the chaotic magic in this demiplane, it can pull people off the path, making them suffer the insanity as if they fell.

Barry and group return back to choice in path, feel weave is chaotic, and see flash of star below. Bugbear Nog starts to float away saying, “I am Nog, the fighter, an archeologist.” Druid Gau cast lesser restoration magic upon Bugbear Nog and it seems like such magic applied soon enough is effective, Bugbear Nog come to sense.

At end of path is doorway, inside which the surrounding change, evening time with the heat and glow of lava. Moving through the doorway, a river of lava is below the road and many cloud above. In front, Barry and group see many giant and ogre. Bugbear Nog and fire giant talk.

Bugbear Nog say giant in prison, try to say Barry and group friend but giant will not listen. Barry see storm giant in back, who say in common “They will serve as fine means of escaping our boredom… Rage, storm!” making cloud intensify and giant and ogre attack. Barry think this missing Tornadios the Storm Giant.

Barry and group fight for life and win! Skeleton Dragonborn and Dwarf were flung into lava by wind, Barry will replace. After fight, area begin to shrink slowly. Barry and group hurry back along road. Floating Flumph Flumpher see Barry and group run, and join. Many dozen of humanoid missing. Barry and group rush to archway as area collapse within itself.

Barry and group and Floating Flumph Flumpher make through archway. Area beyond archway shrink to nothing, then archway explode and magic circle disappear. Floating Flumph Flumpher regurgitate stink on Owlbear Rollo, saying running make it do that. When asked, Floating Flumph Flumpher say think Tornadios the Storm Giant in prison messing with greater power of island.

Barry and group find it evening now, rest for night, then move east through mountain. Druid Gau see dead elf be eaten by bear during watch, Bugbear Nog scare bear away during watch and Barry collect elf during watch. In morning, Barry talk to dead elf, learn name was Vanitarion, elf from Elmfield, elf killed by yeti, elf like donut and elf will be part of Tempus army.

Barry and group move east through morning and afternoon. Druid Gau find ancient tree with twelve younger tree around it. Druid Gau make tree talk, tree ask “why have Barry and group come to commune?” Druid Gau respond to make friend. Tree accept, they friend now. Tree not see any undead, then say name Yewsef. Druid Gau obtain permission to teleport with through one of Yewsef tree.

Barry and group then teleport to another closer to Port Mirandia. After a quiet night, Barry and group teleport once again back to Port Mirandia, then find Soldier Dojeon to deliver the ore.