Tl;dr: A group of adventurers start a parley between a wrathful druid and the nearby outpost she was angry at for existing. They then proceed to discover a dungeon under a sarcophagus where death nearly overran them but they prevailed with no casualties.
Adventurer Note : Sometimes a chest is a chest. Sometimes a chest is a trap. Sometimes a chest is a mimic.

Session Title : Chapter 06: The Life of An Adventurer
Session Date : 12 May 2021 @ 21:00 UTC
Session DM : Waylander

“Scout” “(Professor)” Babel (Rogue 4)
“Cartographer”, “Chronicler”, “Leader”, and “Trailblazer” Barry (Fighter 3/Cleric 1)
Kirnis (Warlock 2)
Zanovar (Warlock 1/Wizard 1)

Barry and group meet at the Bitter Dwarf Inn, Ruined Oak, see posting for job. Barry and group take posting and go meet Tamara Breadbasket, who want pie sent to boyfriend Patricio. Barry hope for own pie later. Barry and group set out to Whisper Guard Outpost southwest of Ruined Oak.

Barry and group make it to bridge along road with no problem. After bridge, smashed carriage pushed into the ground. Big enough for four passenger. Barry and group then find stone gnome with moving eyes looking west. Bird Babel says not to touch and Barry not touch. Barry and group go west.

Barry and group find dead Half-Elf lady with arrows in her. Barry see blood trail going north. Dead lady has book. Barry can not read. Half-Elf Zanovar read book, say

“Recent ranging in the outer parts of the forest that some call the Whisper Woods show traces of a small orc tribe who tries to settle down in the area. Wild life activity is good and seems about normal for a forest. Found strange signs lately of wandering plant creatures. Going to investigate what the source of this might be”

Barry and group leave body and go west. Find seven dead hyena, dead by big bite. Barry and group get to outpost.

Barry and group meet guards “Patricio, Suman, Chima, June, Riki and Lennart” and deliver pie to Patricio. Patricio ask Barry and group if see strange thing on way. Barry see many strange thing. Patricio say giant bugs from northwest attacked the outpost. Then bugs shrink magically. Barry not like magic bugs.

Barry and group stay night at outpost. In morning, Barry ask Patricio is he has message for Tamara. Patricio say “He misses her, he loves and and hopes to be back soon, His watch ends in four days.”

Barry and group go northwest, it foggy today. Barry and group see tracks of many giant bugs. Hard to count. Also see large stone something far away to east. Barry and group keep go northwest. Bird Babel see giant wasps. Barry and group attack. Wasp shrink when die. Bird Babel almost die but Barry ask Tempus to help.

Barry and group go northwest. Barry and group find forest. Beyond tree we find web and cave. Barry hear high-pitched female voice scream “get away” in cave. Barry try to leave but group go in cave.

In cave, high-pitched female angry at people who use resource of nature, despoiling the land and such. Also say “get away” again. Angry gnome female want outpost gone.

Triton Kirnis talk at gnome. Make her see reason. Offer to talk to outpost to make bargain. Female gnome name Alvyna. Alvyna takes Triton Kirnis offer of going with Barry and group back to outpost.

Barry and group and Alvyna sleep on edge of forest. Barry sleep, wake, make arrow, wake next watch and sleep until daylight.
Alvyna says half dozen – dozen orcs arrived in forest a week ago. Also signs of walking plants, she names “blights”.

Barry and group and Alvyna arrive at outpost. Alvyna and guard talk about how to make coexisting better. Barry sit outside, not care what happen. Alvyna leave after long talk and she leave peaceful so Barry think it go well.

Barry and group decide to look for blights and go northeast. We find burned land and also find a large stone sarcophagus that we saw from further away before. Barry and group examine sarcophagus, find no writing but odd crack. Bird Babel examine crack and tell Barry to push. Barry push and hidden door open.

Barry and group find small room with chest. Bird Babel look at chest and then we falling. Half-elf Zanovar cast magic so we fall slow. Barry and group surrounded by jelly cubes. Jelly cubes die? Barry not know if alive but they gone.

Barry and group look around room. Bird Babel find key and key open door. Barry and group go through and follow hallway. Barry and group find another chest. Barry run away from chest as Bird Babel try to open. Chest attack! Chest die.

Barry and group follow hallway, blocked by interlocked blades. Bird Babel poke blades and declare safe to go through. Barry go last. Barry and group go through more hallway. Come across skeletons and floating eye around tomb that attack.

Barry and group kill skeletons and floating eye. Bird Babel poke tomb and nearly die. Bird Babel then figure out how to open tomb and find stuff and a note. The note read

Master Mechelmus congratulates you Adventurer to successfully managing this dungeon. Make sure to visit my creations again. But give it some time to be set up again!”

Bird Babel then pull lever. Nothing happen. Barry and group go back, find rope in place Barry and group fall. Barry and group climb up and go back to outpost for night.

Barry and group sleep at outpost again. Barry and group travel safely back to Ruined Oak, deliver message to Tamara and get pie. Barry happy.